Retired cop Eddie Burns gave 15 years and the use of his left arm to the Reno homicide squad. When his wayward sister, Kassie, goes missing Eddie Burns finds himself subjected to a fiendish and ingenious campaign of revenge by the mysterious Charlie Strom. In order to protect his sister, Eddie - disabled, betrayed and alone - journeys into the heart of his own darkness: where he discovers that the reason for his ordeal lies in his own past sins and those of his adversary Charlie Strom.

When his sister is brutally raped, an ex-cop goes after a mysterious man from his past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maricris M (ru) wrote: It's the little things in this movie that creates a great story. Really enjoyed it!

Jonathan B (gb) wrote: Really good movie. But very disturbing. Scout Taylor-Compton did an amazing job in the movie. a must see.

David S (ca) wrote: aay no , que mugrerito, es una hallmark channel movie con extraterrestres que aprecen zancudoss ....

Arianne C (ca) wrote: This was so bad, but it somehow has this twisted way of cheering me up on a bad day.

Wenbo D (ag) wrote: The plot is very interesting, but I didn't like Emily Watson's role very much. Nonetheless, John Turturro played the role of a mad genius perfectly. Of course, being a chess player myself helped me understand this movie more (since I know of several famous Grandmasters who lived similar lives).

Christi D (it) wrote: Really great slice of life kind of movie.

Coutney K (mx) wrote: Full frontal nudity of Christian Bale...

Linda K (mx) wrote: One of my all time favorites...I can just watch it over and over, and I have. Love the Burt Bacharach-Elvis Costello songs, and all of the "whose story is that" guesswork.

Scott M (ru) wrote: classic played on tv - the morning scene with the horse - not that well made but the best acting travolta ever did

Marlene G (nl) wrote: Funny! this man can cus...

Ben L (it) wrote: Some people would say you have to take into consideration when a film was made and the conditions at the time the film was made to effectively review it. Luckily, I don?t burden myself with all that, because I review films solely based on how they work for me when I watch them. As a result, I can say that I didn?t like In Old Arizona all that much. Sure, it was a landmark because it was one of the first feature films that used sound, but that didn?t impact my personal opinion. In fact, the newness of sound led this movie down some strange paths, as they added in moments that seemed completely out of left field until I realized they were experimenting with the sounds they could record. To me it was a bit like watching early 3-D films that would just insert shots of things poking out right at the camera in order to play with the new technology, except in this scenario it?s a random crying baby brought on screen or a pan of sizzling ham and eggs.When you get past that aspect of the film, In Old Arizona is a decent story about a bandit with a heart of gold. I love that, even in this era well before the production code, they still felt a need to make the Cisco Kid a good guy. The nice thing about this movie is that it also makes the Sergeant sympathetic, even though he?s trying to catch our hero. This dynamic makes it so we don?t know how the end will play out and who will win. The actual conclusion of the film is pretty daring, and one that surprised me a little. It wasn?t enough to make me love the movie, but I appreciated that the story wasn?t totally predictable. Perhaps the most frustrating part of this movie (aside from the understandably bad sound quality) was that they didn?t quite have enough story to fill the runtime. There was a lot of moments where I felt the movie drag, and that?s probably why I noticed all the little sound experiments I mentioned earlier, because they were extending things when I just wanted to see what happened next. I can see film historians needing to watch In Old Arizona because of the progress it made, but for most people I?d say you can skip this one.

Ben D (fr) wrote: Funny and featuring some great music, The Gold Rush is awesomely acted farce of the actual Gold Rush that remains an endearing classic to this day.

Konrad A (it) wrote: This is a good movie to watch I like the scenery and where it takes place in Alaska the movie characters where good in this movie. And there was funny parts in this movie. Kids will like this movie!! I like this movie!!

Chris D (gb) wrote: 88 minutes of awesomeness

Chris H (au) wrote: While it features some impressive visuals, overall it is a rather bland war film that lacks any depth to its characters.