Sin in the Suburbs

Sin in the Suburbs

After discovering that her mother is involved in an adulterous affair, a pretty high school student seeks help from a neighbor. While their trusting bond grows into a deep relationship, a secret sex club for the area's pleasure-seeking women is started. Soon, Mom discovers that her daughter is a member!

After discovering that her mother is involved in an adulterous affair, a pretty high school student seeks help from a neighbor. While their trusting bond grows into a deep relationship, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (kr) wrote: Reading the bad reviews on RT I wonder why people didn't like drama thriller indie written, directed and produced by Francesca Gregorini. The film stars Jessica Biel, Kaya Scodelario, Alfred Molina, Jimmi Simpson, Aneurin Barnard and Frances O'Connor. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 18, 2013. The story of Emanuel (Scodelario), is a story of a troubled girl, who becomes preoccupied with her mysterious, new neighbor (Biel), who bears a striking resemblance to her dead mother. In offering to babysit her newborn, Emanuel unwittingly enters a fragile, fictional world, of which she becomes the doorkeeper. Interesting story about salvation and redemption. This tale unfolds and unravels in secrets, creating blind-spots that will at best keep us from moving forward, at worst derail us completely. I enjoyed it as a choreographed piece between sorrow and fantasy; a haunting dance between its two main characters, Linda and Emanuel. When we have a director raised in Rome, Los Angeles and the English countryside, there is a feel Francesca Gregorini brings in this movie... a worldly, passionate and unique sensibility. Character driven movie will take you to the end creating mysteries, some of them unnecessary for the plot, but visually stunning! Watchable movie which will cause some reaction with the viewers on the emotional level! It seems that I liked it more than the others, but there is nothing to be ashamed - I found it well made... just enough well made for the 60%.

Aaron W (br) wrote: Good flick. If you like Bruce Lee, this will wet your whistle.

Jay S (ca) wrote: this movie is quite the adventure in space.

Sagar P (mx) wrote: me in a movie, great

Jeremy R (fr) wrote: angelina jolie sucks.she's not a hardcore cool-bitch,she's just another dumb-ass broad.

Luca D (fr) wrote: Mi pare alquanto sopravvalutato. Certe situazioni andrebbero bene se fosse un film di 20 anni (se non piu') prima, ma nel 1994 i temi trattati, ma soprattutto come vengono trattati, sanno di antiquato.

Moni K (es) wrote: It Is just a good movie.

Down Town Kevin B (mx) wrote: A real cornerstone in terms of Grindhouse cinema, but thats all it is.

Sherry L (gb) wrote: Beautiful movie about the doomed (real life) love couple Hedvig (her artist name was Elvira Madigan) the famous danish tightrope dancer, and Sixten the swedish count lieutenant. They have spontaneously run away, he from his wife and two children, her from her familys traveling circus, and are now living on their love and nothing else. They are sitting in the forest, having a picnic, cuddling, making love, in the opening scene. Sixtens friend Kristoffer, catchs them up later and fools around with Sixten a bit before updating him a bit what goes on in the town he left. When alone with Hedvig, he accuses her for ruining other peoples life, and later he tells Sixten, when Hedvig is presence, that Sixtens wife had previously tried to kill herself. Sixten gets furious and accuses Kristoffer for lying, and leaves him. While some thoughts tortures Sixten, Hedvig tries to get a job as a tightrope dancer. Her boss turnes out to be a real jerk, so they leave even before Hedvig has gotten her first salary. When the reality starts to catch up, and they get tormented by hunger and desperation they finally decide to end their lives. Its not really the beautiful actors that shines the most in this movie but the director Bo Widerbergs beautiful filming and the emotional music (Mozarts 21rst piano concert, which many people now plainly call Elvira Madigan!) which fits like a glove in this romantic/tragic drama. You can tell that Bo Widerberg is inspired by the new wave, but still it takes place in the late 1900th century with the escapistic, romantic airs and fashination for nature and love, which was very typical in books in the late 1900th century. But what intensifies the whole feeling you get of the movie is that its based on a true story. Elvira Madigan was actually quite a famous celebrity during that time.

Michael H (nl) wrote: Pretty cool i guess, awesome aliens.

Esu M (gb) wrote: Very sweet family fun. Beautifully depicts the timelessness of love and family.

Andres B (nl) wrote: Like with Snow Angels, David Gordon Green creates the most intriguing, peculiar characters in his films. And it's from the combo of these characters, the setting, and one device (the coins) that the story develops. There's this gothic feel throughout that seems to fade away near the end, but doesn't quite disappear. I think that's mainly what makes the movie work and linger on in your mind long after seeing it.The score by Philip Glass was great, in a weird way it reminded me of Lord of the Flies (the story), after all it is a story of survival... but definitely a lot more. I'll probably watch it again to get all the small details.

Jason S (nl) wrote: It's a fun nonsensical flick