Sin Sisters

Sin Sisters

When a classmate is accidentally killed, real-life sisters Misty and Chelsea Mundae have to work together to try and hide the body. At a remote cabin in the hills they encounter Juli, who tests their loyalty.

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FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: Felt like a movie you'd watch on the Lifetime channel .

Simon P (es) wrote: Violently unhinged and amusingly odd. Kicks off with barely an explanation then lets Braure and Cassel go nuts. Quality.

Amar K (it) wrote: We don't believe in Abba's story; Shyam Benegal does not want us to. It isn't his fault if we fail to connect with the rural surroundings he creates; we actually love to see foreign-brand endorsing/urban class protagonist dealing with larger-than-life issues on screen...

Josh M (it) wrote: Their heart was in the right place, but it didn't quite pan out.

Bridgette F (jp) wrote: a heart wrenching movie

Joe I (ag) wrote: Last time hell, now it's forest. He's a legend in any climate

Tasos L (us) wrote: the script is by Carpenter,but this film is directed by some guy called Harley Cokeliss.Perhaps that's why it gets lower rate!!

Biswa r (br) wrote: very good music and romantic one.

Janus J (de) wrote: I have always been a fan of David Suchet's Poirot and I've recently seen Murder on the Orient Express. These renditions far surpass the oafish fool that Ustinov plays Poirot to be. He recklessly throws accusations at suspects and is always conveniently around to spot clues. The ending is almost identical to Death on the Nile. If you're a Poirot fan, or a murder mystery fan, I would avoid this. The only saving grace is the adorable Roddy McDowall.

Tim M (mx) wrote: "Foxcatcher" is based on the mentally ill millionaire John DuPont (Steve Carell) and his desire to be a wrestling coach. He befriends two iconic American grapplers, Mark (Channing Tatum) and David Schultz (Mark Ruffalo). I find that stories I know the ending to are very hard for me to be engaged in throughout, but the acting of Carell is so engaging that you have a hard time turing away. Carell plays a role without likability or humor. This movie isn't tight, it's too long and doesn't shed enough light on what is inside the minds of our subjects, instead leading to speculation by the viewer. Only minor flaws in what is an otherwise outstanding film.

Grant S (jp) wrote: Gritty, intriguing, dark, funny crime-drama.Chris Smith (played by Emile Hirsch) is in a bind. He owes a loan-shark a fair bit of money, and the man has threatened to kill him if he does not produce the money within a few days. He does not have the money. He strikes upon a get-rich-quick plan: have his estranged mother killed and collect on the insurance money. He involves his father, Ansel (Thomas Haden Church), who buys into the deal for a share of the profit (him and Chris' mother are divorced and don't see eye-to-eye, so it wasn't a tough sell). Ansel then involves his 2nd wife, Sharla (Gina Gershon) and, due to her finding out about the plan, his daughter, Chris' sister, Dottie (Juno Temple). They hire a professional killer (who happens to also be a cop), "Killer Joe" Cooper (Matthew McConaughey). When they cannot pay him upfront, they reach an unusual deal on how to retain his services. This complicates matters, a lot.An engaging and funny yet simultaneously dark and graphic drama. Clever plot - quite solid with some great twists, double-crosses and triple-crosses. Good sub-plots and some wonderfully quirky dialogue. Tarantinoesque at times. In fact the whole movie has a Tarantino-like vibe, but not quite with the same polish and attention-to-detail that a Tarantino movie has.Ending is a bit unsatisfactory, and does negate some of the good that went before. It was heading for an even higher rating...Great performances all round. Matthew McConaughey is wonderfully cool and aloof, yet damaged, as Killer Joe. He reminded me of his performance in True Detective Season 1. Emile Hirsch, Thomas Haden Church, Juno Temple and Gino Gershon are well cast and don't put a foot wrong. Pick of the these is Juno Temple, who mixes innocence and beauty and creates a wonderful sense of mystery and ambiguity about her character.An understated, underrated gem.

Matthew O (jp) wrote: My thoughts on RATATOUILLEAs another animated film being directed by Brad Bird, there was no denying the fact that this was going to be great, especially when coming from Pixar. It didn't seem like an idea that kids would be interested in, a rat who wants to be a chef. But they would probably still enjoy it. It's a pretty odd idea too, since these two things obviously don't go together.As a kid, I liked it fine. I just thought it was cute seeing a rat wanting to become a chef, but never thought why or how, I just accepted the idea and went along with it. But, like any Pixar movie, I really started to understand the story as I got older and I get something new out of it every time I watch it. The idea of a rat wanting to cook makes sense when the moral of the story is that anyone can cook. Obviously, it's not possible for a rat to cook, but the moral represents that even the most unlikely people can become a chef or whatever occupation they're going for, exceeding expectations. I LOVE the dialogue written in this movie, it is so compelling and thought-provoking. It's especially interesting for people who are willing to become a chef or wanting to judge something, which explains why I love listening to the dialogue, I'm judging something right now.The animation makes the film's atmosphere feel so delightful. The warm and rich colors in the backgrounds make every single shot look like something out of a beautiful painting. Just look at those shots of Paris, they are gorgeous! Add Michael Giacchino's brilliant score and you feel like you're really in Paris. Oh, and the food... I can't even describe enough how amazing the food looks! Just looking at it makes me want to salivate. Warning, do not watch this film on an empty stomach. And the character designs on the humans look very creative and cartoony, and you can tell since Brad Bird directed the movie. It gives the characters a lot more personality and makes them memorable.But are the characters interesting? Well, not all of them. The characters that I think are the most interesting are the side-characters, but they aren't given enough screen time. They give the other chefs these really interesting backstories and makes me want to learn more about them and see more of their interactions, but they're mostly set off to the sideline. The film is mostly centered on the friendship between Remy and Linguini, which I don't think is nearly as interesting. Linguini is just your typical dork who is looking for a job, nothing about really makes him stand out. The head chef, who is the villain, is not very interesting either, he just wants to capture the rat to keep the restaurant from closing down. But his motivations are understandable, he's just following orders.Another problem is that I think there are a few too many subplots. There's a conspiracy about who really owns the restaurant, there's a critic who wants to shut down the restaurant by giving it a bad review, there's a realization that Linguini is in fact the son of the now dead owner of the restaurant, there's a romance between Linguini and Colette, and the head chef gets fired who then wants to take down the restaurant as well. That's a little too complicated for kids and even adults to follow. That's one of the few weaknesses of Brad Bird's work, that even though the story is well though out and well written, the narrative structure isn't very flowing. I mean, it works fine, but maybe it could've been easier to follow if after one or two more rewrites.But that in no way says that I don't like RATATOUILLE, I actually love it. Yeah, I think there are some serious flaws with the film, but there are so many good things about it, and it works unbelievably well. The music, the animation, the dialogue, the FOOD, and the overall atmosphere still makes this a very solid Pixar film.Grade: A-

Stuart K (ag) wrote: Directed by Roger Spottiswoode (Turner & Hooch (1989), Air America (1990) and Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)), this was during the period it's start decided to try his hand at comedy, Oscar (1991) was his first attempt, and this was his second. Critics then and now hate it with a vengeance, and it appears on Worst Films Ever lists, but it's not that bad, it has guilty pleasure written all over it. Los Angeles Police Sergeant Joe Bomowski (Sylvester Stallone) is happy with his life, and he has an on-off relationship with Lt. Gwen Harper (JoBeth Williams). However, Joe is getting a visit from his mother Tutti (Estelle Getty) who lives in Newark, New Jersey. She's constantly embarrassing Joe in front of complete strangers, and cleaning his gun and interfering with his relationship with Gwen. But, she becomes something of an asset when she witnesses a shooting in downtown LA, and that she isn't all embarrassing at all. It's a very silly film, and we all have a mother like the one portrayed in this film. Sly and Getty play well of each other and it makes for good family viewing too. It's not meant to be taken seriously, but Sly still thinks it's the worst film he's ever done.