Sin tierra

Sin tierra


  • Category:Documentary
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:FapDe
  • Country:Cuba, Brazil
  • Director:Luis Acevedo Fals
  • Writer:Luis Acevedo Fals, Ledys PĂ©rez Corvea

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Sin tierra torrent reviews

Dawn S (us) wrote: What can I say? I love the man. Great documentary

Dorian G (fr) wrote: A little disjointed, where I wasn't sure exactly what they were talking about, or if they had moved onto another topic. Also some very hard to hear and understand interviews, I had to turn on the subtitles to read what they were saying. Overall, a very good story of the beginning of the skateboard industry, with input from all the best and most influential people.Watched on Netflix at home with Josh, June 26, 2015.

Matthew S (de) wrote: I'm not naturally drawn to the feel-bad-movie-of-the-year, and this isn't necessarily that, but it is a haunting foreign crime flick, and I goddamn love it. It's not as rock n roll as the Britt crime flicks of recent days, but may be more in June with the Prophet in terms of tone and pacing.

Anna T (gb) wrote: To be more correct, I want to finish it. Didn't get to, and I was kind of curious to see the ending.

Tina A (ag) wrote: Well done I suppose but left me feeling like there was something missing.

Sean K (jp) wrote: This is more of a guilty pleasure, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Lucio L (fr) wrote: This is a hard movie to review, mostly because it has to be a different experience for those who are familiar (or haven't been exposed to at least) small town life in the South of Argentina. This movie is about as far from Hollywood movie making as you can come. There are a lot of silences and subtleties that can only be found in independent films. The three stories themselves (three barely interconting journeys from the same place to the same destination) are mundane and only matter to their own protagonists. In part, this is what makes the movie so intresting. The movie is about the characters, and their journeys, and while seemngly nothing remarkable happens, they each experience minor growth from their journey, they are not fundamentally changed, but they are still not the same person that undertook the journey in the first place, which I guess is closer to the lives most of us experience. So: should you watch this? I don't know, to be honest, if you are looking for a holywood movie with big emotions and happenings, then definetly no, but if you like independent movies that feel different, its definetly worth a shot.

Juha S (jp) wrote: Quite typical concentration camp movie but still touching.

Kim M (ag) wrote: This movie is not a story of Martin Guerre but all about his wife. A shocking, subversive love story between a deserted woman and a man who loves her on her real husband's behalf.

Miguel A (jp) wrote: "California Split" vence como filme sobretudo pela forma como nos envolve na camaradagem entre dois apostadores compulsivos, que no mereceriam a mesma empatia se estivessem isolados um do outro. O que Altman consegue, com a sua habitual encenao livre e narrativa ambgua, deixar que cada um, se assim entender, opte pela amizade ou pela fortuna como o prmio a atribuir aos dois principais personagens. E nada disto assim to certo porque h sempre 6 ou 7 maneiras diferentes de ver o mesmo filme de Robert Altman. De resto h tambm que dizer que nunca haveria um "Sideways" sem primeiro haver este "California Split".

Spencer S (kr) wrote: Spicey for the Depression era 30's, this gorgeously made musical is like none other ever performed. Use of forward thinking cinematography, an uncensored storyline, and musical numbers that inspire choreographers to this day, made this a very unique musical among the stereotyped genre. An amazing performance by the docile and demure Ruby Keeler, whose singing is so-so, but dancing is off the charts amazing. A web of romantic entanglements and decidely backwards Broadway politics leads to comedy. love, and pure entertainment.

bill s (ru) wrote: Check your thought procees at the door and enjoy this cheeeeesey popcorn flick for what it is.

Matt C (kr) wrote: Not my favorite sports movie, but pretty good for the story at hand.

Nick K (kr) wrote: Predictable but still mildly entertaining