Sinbad of the Seven Seas

Sinbad of the Seven Seas

Fantasy tale based on the tale of the legendary sailor. Here Sinbad must recover five magical stones to free the city of Basra from the evil spell cast by a wizard. His journey takes him to the isle of the Amazons where the queen tries to capture him, to a battle with ghost warriors on the isle of the dead, and ultimately to a battle with his own double.

Based on the legendary about the great sailor, the films features the hair-raising adventures of Sinbad, including the journey to Amazon, the mission to rescue the city of Basra from the evil wizard, the battle with ghost warriors, and ultimately the fight against his own clone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bernie F (br) wrote: This is one slow moving movie ,I can actually say I got bored watching it lol nice story etc but kind of a snooze fest The wife is annoying too lol Funny parts with Paterson in the bar and with the dog Marvin but ..... Meh

Cline D (us) wrote: Film sympa, belle brochette d'acteurs, on rigole bien, et y'a beaucoup de sp (C)ciales d (C)dicaces aux vacances Zamy-Woolite je trouve... ;oD Oh, j'oubliais : canon, le fils Dupont !!

Lain G (au) wrote: Es robot? Es geisha? Lo cierto es que esta pelcula es un gran WTF

Erin C (fr) wrote: Creepy. The acting wasn't great, but the story was a good one.

Alec B (nl) wrote: The movie took a different approach than the novel, with the film being from Chris's perspective. I really enjoyed it and it brought Chris McCandless's journey to life.

Charlie G (jp) wrote: Made in a day computers were getting started. Still fits today when you think about it. I thought it was funny they were Ooing and Awing over 28.8bps mode. I'll watch it again.

Thomas V (ag) wrote: This Deserves More, so Underrated

Dinah b (it) wrote: i can relate to this since im into it... let us not forget our teachers

Devon B (nl) wrote: Looking to capitalize on the Christine Jorgensen case, a film distributer hired Ed Wood to make a low budget exploitative film about transsexualism (in five days, no less). Wood used his own proclivities towards transvesticism as one of the reasons he was so qualified to direct the film. He also had a genuine "star" to put into the film as he was friends with legendary actor Bela Lugosi. Wood was reputed to be a fan of Orson Welles, and claimed to be the only other filmmaker of his era who was a writer, actor and director of his own films. But while Woods may have appreciated the artistic flair of Welles, he possessed none of the ability to translate artistry to film. Indeed, Glen or Glenda is confusingly bizarre, with Lugosi playing some sort of mad scientist who recites vague prose while stock footage is super-imposed over his face. Regardless of Bela Lugosi's part in the film, the story revolves around Glen, a transvestite who must tell his fiance the truth about his secret fetish. There is a dream sequence with some S&M stuff involved, and then some more stock footage is added and Lugosi recites some more unrelated verse. There is a staggering ineptitude to the filmmaking that tries to do too much with too little. Although the film barely passes the hour mark, it feels heavily padded with unnecessary and gratuitous scenes that show a distinct lack of editing. But if you are watching Glen or Glenda, then you most likely know who Ed Wood is and how bad his films are reputed to be. So it should come as no surprise to you that this film is a trainwreck. What is surprising is just how fascinating this trainwreck is, and how much fun it is. Wood, for all his faults, injected a sense of wonder into all his projects, and while Glen or Glenda is helplessly, hopelessly ludicrous, it is also, like many of Wood's other films, quite a bit of fun.

Zach H (us) wrote: has anyone noticed that critics have absolutely 0 sense of humour when it comes to rating films and they always use big words to make it seem like they no know what they're talking about

David W (ru) wrote: Yes this is a GOOD movie not a GREAT movie but a good one. Must see

Shawn H (it) wrote: I wasn't expecting much from a movie about an adult film crew in the woods being tormented by a maniacal killer. While far from a great movie, this actually wasn't too bad. The acting was about what I expected for a movie made in the 2000's, but the story, special effects, and the twist on an old fairy tale was pretty good. Did it break new ground? No..but then nothing anymore does, but I still found myself enjoying it for a Netflix viewing.

Wes S (de) wrote: A low budget oddball of a film, it's no masterpiece but its just kooky enough to be entertaining. The characters are silly, the gore is great, and the basket monster is cheesy. The story is pretty goofy. It' all comes together as a fun bad movie.

Steve D (us) wrote: Should have been a masterpiece but the terrible intro and lack luster animation bring down the adaptation of one of the best comics of all time.