Since Otar Left

Since Otar Left

The one joy in the lives of a mother and daughter comes from the regular letters sent to them from Paris from the family's adored son, Otar. When the daughter finds out that Otar has died suddenly, she tries to conceal the truth from her mother, changing the course of their lives forever.

The one joy in the lives of a mother and daughter comes from the regular letters sent to them from Paris from the family's adored son, Otar. When the daughter finds out that Otar has died ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed A (fr) wrote: ZERO out of ten. Features an NTR'ing Major.

Anthony A (kr) wrote: One of the better and recent Pokemon movies, still nothing special, but it's something.

Lily B (ag) wrote: I'm not sure why everyone is being so hard on this film. I enjoyed it and I find the story truly inspiring, maybe it's because I'm an art lover as well and I appreciate the mission in this film. It was worth seeing no doubt.

Stacks A (es) wrote: very very good low budget movie;)

Vince N (it) wrote: Another inspiring, moving American movie!

Ian J (de) wrote: Its not that this film is bad, it just wasn't that well executed. Take it for what it's worth. It was worth the time to view it.

Walter M (gb) wrote: "Obscene" is an illuminating documentary about the legendary Grove Press and its longtime owner, Barney Rosset who felt there was "no word uttered that should not be published." While it may seem reductive to think of a single source for the challenges to repression in the fifties, Rosset was certainly responsible for much of it. Amazingly enough, it came down to his being in the right place at the right time after a failed attempt to break into the film business with a documentary about racism called "Strange Victory," made shortly after World War II.(He would get another chance when Grove Press distributed "I Am Curious(Yellow)" in America.) The opportunity of Grove Press arrived through his first wife(by one count Rosset has been married four times), allowing him to not only publish the works of Samuel Beckett, but also courting controversy and court cases by publishing Lady Chatterley's Lover, Tropic of Cancer and Naked Lunch, amongst others. That's not to mention the scrutiny from intelligence agencies for publishing the Autobiography of Malcolm X and excerpts from Che Guevara's diary.(The biography of Che I have was published by Grove Press.) He also founded the literary journal Evergreen Review which brought "Howl" to the public during its court case.(In fact, Evergreen Review is still going strong on the internet.) Along with fiction and articles, the magazine contained erotica which so inflamed then congressman Gerald Ford that he called for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas for simply writing an article in it. In fact, Grove Press made a lot of money from erotica which made up for its boom and bust cycles. So, it might not come as a surprise to some that Rosset was not on especially good terms with women's rights groups(A televised interview with Al Goldstein framing the documentary does nobody any favors.) and actually fought the unionization of the publishing house.

Li K (it) wrote: Another cheezy but fun Bollywood movie ;-)

Merkley M (us) wrote: Shitty movie. The stars are for the acting. Should have been a short one act play.

Jones M (it) wrote: Id didn`t like the first episode, i think it had a total lack of finesse, i had to bore myself through it. They did a sligtly better job with the second episode, however the this dvd release was not what i expected from the creator at all

WS W (ag) wrote: Greek Cinema is indeed not as conservative as thought, some off its subjects even Hollywood dare not touching. Like this one. The most wonderful parts off this flick was not about the homosexual liaison (Christos & Yiorgos) since which is no longer new today, but the scenes 3 women characters' (Christos' mother, Yiorgos' wife, Christos' older female lover) probing each other.

Chris G (it) wrote: Cunningham and Campbell's Sci-Fi Channel special is weakly written, atrociously acted, disastrously directed and all together terminal.

Brad S (gb) wrote: An absolutely MUST for any cinema lover. Marty goes over some of the All-time greatest films that came out of Italy and had a profound influence on him and his career. The documentary is filled with extensive clips and an enlightening commentary from Marty as to the deeper meanings of the films and also how they influenced him. A real treasure!

Aldo P (de) wrote: Una leccion de cine impresionante, 4 horas que se sienten como 40 minutos donde Martin Scorsese te lleva en un viaje intimo e interesante atraves de el cine que lo marca como persona y cineasta. Sin duda una JOYA para todos aquellos que gustamos del cine y en especial si te gusta la grandiosa obra de el mejor de todos Martin Scorsese.

Paul G (de) wrote: funny, sick and disturbing. Not for the feint of heart. Also has an appearance of famous pornstar Ron Jeremy.

Arnaud N (de) wrote: Beautiful movie about the upcoming 1st emperor of China.

Cassandra L (br) wrote: The film looks absolutely beautiful and the history lesson was pretty interesting, but the plot was pretty ordinary. Anita Mui is just simply beautiful and so talented. It's a shame

Kristal C (de) wrote: It's probably best to be on some sort of narcotic substance if you want to have a hope of understanding what's going on in this film. The best thing about this film is the classic worst of '80s fashion and the 40-year-old yet supposedly in high school love interest.

Nina S (br) wrote: This isn't a good movie, but it's an interesting one, and is one of the few Hollywood movies that doesn't glamorize male violence.

Lucas G (it) wrote: Tilda Swinton delivers an excellent performance in a story that summons the film's title in its very last minute.