Sing, Cowboy, Sing

Sing, Cowboy, Sing

Kalmus is after the freight contract held by Summers. When his gang kill Summers, Tex and Duke step in to help Madge keep the freight line going. When they foil the gang's further attempts, Kalmus gets the Judge to jail the two. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vibhansh G (it) wrote: Equally good and even better in some aspects than Doctor Strange ! Some might argue with me but I feel it was an amazing experience to take part in .

Kerry D (ag) wrote: wish it was a scary movie

Jeremy R (ag) wrote: nothing special about this movie...same old vampire shit with bad acting.....

Dawn W (ag) wrote: Cute Movie...glad I waited for it to be released on DVD.

Kameron W (mx) wrote: Undoubtably on its way to becoming a classic of the horror genre

Neil J (gb) wrote: Not bad but needs to be edgier and more adult.

Nick G (au) wrote: Shockingly adequate. I'd not recommend it unless you are a fan of just watching random horror movies. It's definitely not for the mainstream blockbuster crowd. It has a limited reach - but that works with the film and because of that it isn't overly flawed. It knows what it can and can't do and makes the best of it.

Antti Q (gb) wrote: Easily the worst movie I've seen this year.. Might make a decent drinking game though, drink every time something illogical, against the laws of physics or lousy 3D happen?

Kristen R (br) wrote: this is a great movie..i really liked it.

Bi P (de) wrote: A must-see! This off-the-wall Mockumentary will make you laugh, laugh, laugh. Favourite line, "What's wrong Michael? You Lady-boy?"

Robert S (es) wrote: a arty vehicle for a sensitive rape scene. Nice set up, great music, thematic trainwreck.

Marc M (nl) wrote: I'm sure this will be pleasing to both die-hard Bukowski fans and those are are only slightly familiar with his work. In fact, I had only just stumbled onto his works shortly before seeing this film, which spurred my interest in him further. While I depart from Bukowski on a number of philosophical or cosmological points, I do appreciate his voice and his commentary.

William Y (au) wrote: gangsta movie straight the fuck ^

Amanda H (es) wrote: The ending of this movie was predictable, overdone and anticlimactic- but the rest of it was great. Definitely has a Lifetime feel to it, but its worth seeing at least once.

Darian D (es) wrote: I've always liked this movie and the film looked like it was way ahead of its time too, Maria Montez is stunningly beautiful and she does a great job in dual roles as the good sister and the wickedly evil sister, Jon Hall and Sabu does a good job with their roles and the movie has a really funny ending.

KARLA E (ag) wrote: Don't remember this story from the news. Wish I did so I could have appreciated a lil bit more