Sing gum zhook kao

Sing gum zhook kao

An in debt coach with the help of an all attractive girl soccer team.

An in debt coach with the help of an all attractive girl soccer team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett W (us) wrote: Hehe, this has Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years as the "hot bikini-clad babe" character.

Gregory W (gb) wrote: wickedly funny comedy that had me in mind as its target audience this just made me laugh as an uncle comes to help take care of his brother's kids while he is in iraq.

Cameron F (ru) wrote: Hayden Christiansen's performance is flat and has no personality.

Devon B (gb) wrote: This could've used some editing. And some acting. There are some great (budget) visuals, and disturbing, creepy atmosphere, but nothing else worth mentioning. It's the type of film one should watch high in order to enjoy it to it's fullest. Unfortunately, I was stone sober and this movie was pretty much a challenge to sit through.

John K (jp) wrote: Always loved this film- I don't really know why- just some cool action.

David G (nl) wrote: Not Jackie's finest hour. Not terrible by any means but it takes itself far too seriously for its own good. Fight scenes are of Jackie's customary quality but they're few and far between, the majority of the film made up of police work (surveillance, phone tapping, that kind of thing) and cheesy melodrama (Maggie Cheung returns as Jackie's long-suffering girlfriend May). It's certainly a well-made film with impressive production values and outside of the fights and stunt work there are a few golden moments (Jackie rocks an awesomely dodgy disguise at one point) but the plot never manages to capture your interest and there are a lot of frighteningly dull patches that are a chore to sit through. The original Police Story - widely regarded as one of Jackie's best - struck just the right balance between action, drama, comedy and police station shenanigans. This one - not so much.

Andrea F (fr) wrote: HAHAHAHAHA I totally remember watching this!!!! The guy becomes Hunk Golden- hilarious!!!

Soyoung Y (ca) wrote: this was cute. watched it at work 4 my students. jerry lewis is hilarious, I daresay.

Aj V (it) wrote: Even people today can relate to the problems of modernization in the workplace, which is what this movie deals with, but in a humourous way. Hepburn and Tracy are great together as always, and this movie is a lot of fun.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Jeremy S (au) wrote: solid cast and a family movie