Sing Your Song

Sing Your Song

Most people know the lasting legacy of Harry Belafonte, the entertainer. This film unearths his significant contribution to and his leadership in the civil rights movement in America and to social justice globally.

Most people know the lasting legacy of Harry Belafonte, the entertainer. This film unearths his significant contribution to and his leadership in the civil rights movement in America and to social justice globally. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor P (jp) wrote: I like it a lot :-) :-)

NeCrO (gb) wrote: Great character building

Mohammad A (au) wrote: saw series are the best movies I've seen ever.. I'm not talking about the horror as I don't see it's scaring at all, I meant the story itself, the plot and the ending which make you see the movie in a different eye I can't stop repeating all the series again and again and again

Ryan H (fr) wrote: The hard part about Heima is making a film that truly captures Sigur Ros and how magical they are. I think Dean DeBlois didn't want to attempt that because it's almost impossible. Instead, we see a very human side to the band members and their homeland of Iceland. We also get to witness this beautiful free tour they put on for the people in their country. They would go to small villages and play full shows (other than the acoustic set at the dam). They did this because they wanted to give back to the country from which they came. It's interesting. The only thing I didn't like, which was a big problem for me, was the seemingly pointless jump cuts and loud sound effects when showing the landscape in between songs. The country is so peaceful and beautiful, just like the band, so why add in the unnecessary noises? That's not what Sigur Ros is all about. But if you are a fan of Sigur Ros then Heima is a must see.

Stephine H (gb) wrote: Really good movie worth a watch

Robyn N (br) wrote: The spellbinding power of this Oscar nominee for best documentary comes from its chilling subject matter, a notorious pedophile priest and the cover-up of his heinous acts by the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the state of California. Director Amy Berg's documentary is clear-sighted and tough-minded -- a portrait of individual criminality and institutional indifference. A study in the betrayal of trust, and the irresponsibility of authority. In addition to giving faces and voices to victims who are often anonymous, it offers an interview with a convicted ex-priest who admits his crimes without remorse. "Deliver Us from Evil" presents three case studies of Father O'Grady's abuse. Simply put, jaw-dropping. In the 1970s and 80s, Father O'Grady was serving as a parish priest in several towns in Central California, where he molested children over and over again, both boys and girls, including, a 9-month-old. Filmmaker Amy Berg masterfully exposes just how deeply rooted the corruption runs. Armed with anguished testimony from the families of the abused and their lawyers, she seamlessly presents indisputable evidence that the Church knew about O'Grady's activities. The hierarchy moved him from one parish to another, simply to avoid public scandal, and to prevent destroying the careers of those in power. Present day and walking around the streets of Dublin, O'Grady peers into a schoolyard with an interest that can only appear perverse after what's been revealed about him. He seems so removed from his crimes that he could be an actor playing the part of a pedophile ex-priest. That he agreed to appear in "Deliver Us From Evil," is an indication not just of an oversized ego, but also a complete failure to comprehend of what he has actually done. Father O'Grady walks freely today in Ireland, not even registered as a sex offender. "Deliver Us From Evil" has already prompted legal attention in Los Angeles toward Cardinal Roger Mahoney, who allowed more than 550 priests under his jurisdiction to molest children without punishment. Watching this documentary, and especially the interviews with O'Grady, is so much more disturbing than any piece of fiction could ever be. This is a real monster victimizing children, and it was allowed by a group that was claiming to do God's work.

Alex I (us) wrote: Felt like watching it after beating Blood Will Tell. Since that game was the first to depict Dororo as a girl, that makes this movie an adaptation of a video game adaptation of a comic. You know, in case you thought world cinema was above Hollywood standards.

Kara F (fr) wrote: This movie was great and it taught me go after my dreams and not my mom's or anyone else's!

Bil A (de) wrote: Zero budget and everything that goes with it.

Michael J (br) wrote: Easily a 3 1/2 out of 5 star movie! Tobe Hooper shows that he still has 'it' in this very loosely based re-imagining of the late 70's slasher of the same title. For those who have seen or heard much about the original Toolbox, there will not be much here at all that is familiar; save for an apt building, some strong inspiration for a couple of the kills, and some tenants that may seem vaguely familiar but . . . not really haha. What you get is a very intense and adequately creepy story with enough inventive ideas and interesting twists to make things somewhat fresh but certainly not alienating. Horror buffs will appreciate apparent nods to Polanski's apt trilogy and even Hooper potentially paying his classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre some appropriate dues with the mannerisms of this killer! Above average horror/slasher stuff to say the least! Check it out!

James S (nl) wrote: Oh boy... Oooooooh boy...Requiem for a Dream is an exercise in how miserable can you make your audience without making them want to walk out, and it does that, fairly flawlessly. This Darren Aronofsky tragedy succeeds through strong writing, directing and powerful performances from an ensemble cast. Requiem For A Dream follows four Manhattan Beach characters; the son played by Jared Leto, (Dallas Buyers Club), his grandmother played by Ellen Burstyn, (The Exorcist, Interstellar), his girlfriend played by Jennifer Connely, (A Beautiful Mind, Blood Diamond), and his best friend played by Marlon Wayans, (White Chicks, Scary Movie). It follows them as they each build up their hopes and dreams, only to have it torn back down again by their own personal addictions. It's like Of Mice and Men on speed, literally, and good. I pitch this film to everyone as a must see, it's a film you should definitely see once, and then never again! It's based on a book by Hubert Selby Jr. who co-wrote the screenplay with Aronofsky, (Black Swan, The Wrestler), a writer famed for his understanding of that sort of low life New York culture and his skill in portraying it, and that really comes through in the film which is scuzzy beyond belief. The dialogue and syntax and slang of the characters really sell them as being in this world, an the grungy lighting, and subtly but meticulously crafted frames help. Subtle beauty, maybe Ang Lee can learn a thing or two. The reason Requiem For A Dream works so well is that before it tears them down, it builds up your relationship with the characters, gets you to empathise with them and feel for them and like them, it builds up their hopes and makes their dreams seem wonderfully possible before their falls. In fact that's literally the structure of the film, which is simple but genius, the three acts are denoted by the seasons; summer, fall, and winter. Our associations with each word complimenting the acts. This character involvement would't work if it wasn't for a collection of quite outstanding performances. Leto's accent is a bit ropey but you get used to it and he does everything else really well. There's one scene with a phone call that I nearly cried watching. I wanted to. Wayans gives an uncharacteristically serious performance and he does it really well. When people were wondering why on earth the man behind all these shit parody movies was being invited to join the American Academy I remembered Requiem For A Dream in which he is charismatic and empathetic. The real stand out though, is Elen Burstyn, who was actually Oscar nominated for this movie and boy does she deserve it. By far the most complex character she gives a powerhouse performance in which she is believable but just extraordinarily brittle. Again, there's a scene where Leto comes to visit that's by far the most memorable scene in the film and again I nearly welled up. In the end it's moments like those that are the key to understanding the hypnotic, mesmeric, enigmatic attraction of Requiem For A Dream, it has a lot of bleak imagery, and montages that will leave you traumatised but it's interspersed with moments of pathos and emotional sadness that are much more subtle and give the more traumatic sequences weight that without it would just seem gratuitous, and worse, slightly immature, using these images without any understanding of the weight they carry. However, luckily, Aronofsky and Selby Jr. know exactly what they're doing and they do it well. It's carried off with a style, professionalism and maturity that belies that this is only Aronofksy's second film, and first bigger budget one. Also, I have to mention Clint Mansell's beautiful, melancholy but perversely techno-influenced score, it's truly amazing.

Chayc (nl) wrote: Doesn't hold up to high school memories, but still a fun-ish minor horror comedy.

Ana B (de) wrote: Ah, bila sam zaboravila kako je dobar sountrack!

James H (au) wrote: This film has some of the worst special effects I have ever seen. A real curio of a movie, part monster film and part Danish tourist film!! The latter is by far the best part of the film! The acting, and I use that term loosely, is atrocious. This is a fun awful film, not too far from something Ed Wood would do. This is a sort of Godzilla in Denmark.

GM W (nl) wrote: Great killer spiders flick, I personally love spider movies they're the best to watch. Whether, giant arachnids or normal sized.arachnids

bill s (ru) wrote: As a pure popcorn horror/action movie this was a pleasant surprise as a yougin.

Andrew M (mx) wrote: Norbit isn't really a great movie. The trailer to this movie looked hilarious and I thought that the movie was going to be even better, but I was wrong. This movie lacked laughter and was somewhat entertaining. However, this was one of Eddie Murphy's worst movies yet. I would somewhat suggest this movie.