The story, set in the backdrop of Nallore, a small town in Thoothukudi District, revolves around Sub-Inspector Durai Singam (Surya), a brave and just policeman who serves in his hometown primarily to fulfill his father’s (Radha Ravi) wish. Durai Singam settles every dispute in his town patiently with his words of wisdom and resorts to force only when the situation demands it. Kavya (Anushka), a city girl who comes on vacation to Nallore, falls in love with Durai Singam. Erimalai (Vivek), Durai Singam's bumbling colleague and friend, often accompanies him.

A police officer is on a mission to apprehend a local M.L.A. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick C (us) wrote: pretty poor, just wasnt stupid enough, and there was an actual inkling of a love story (yuck!) , all the usual cliches were there... could have done wth more shark action though, all icing and no cake..loads of women in bikinis , but yeah would have preferred more prehistoric predatory payback...

Vineet S (kr) wrote: All sex and no substance There was a lot of hype surrounding this movie when it released in India. It was hailed as one of the best bollywood movies of the year by critics. But inspire of that I was skeptical cause quite often in bollywood, movies are said to be great due to the lack of any other quality movie at that time. And my hunch was right In the movie Nasserudien Shah and Arshad Warsi play two thieves on the run after stealing their boss' money. They seek shelter at the house of a widow played by Vidya Balan. How the two thieves try and pay back the money with the help of Vidya Balan forms the rest of the story The biggest problem with the movie is that it's clich ridden and predictable. The blast that kills Vidya Balan's husband is too suspicious and I was sure he is not dead. It's not even a spoiler for those going to see the movie. Another problem is that at times it's absolutely ridiculous. In a scene Vidya nearly kills nasserudien and Arshad by firing from a long distanse before throwing it in front of them. And why didn't she use her shooting skills to scare the bad guys? Even the climax of the movie is just too stupid to be enjoyable The bright side of the movie is the performance of the lead actors. vidya balan especially puts a brilliant performance as the sexy mysterious Krishna. Nasserudien and Arshad too do a commendable job as is expected of them. But unfortunately it goes to nothin courtesy a really poor script In the end Ishqiya is just another bollywood movie with oodles of sex thrown in to cover up the shortcomings. Unfortunately it fails miserably

Richard P (fr) wrote: This movie made me smile and laugh. I love it! Guy meets girl under false pretenses. Guy tries to impress girl. Girl tries to take him for everything he has. Guy doesn't give up. Guy and girl develop a friendship. Girl eventually comes around and develops feelings for guy. It's your standard romantic comedy. However, this movie is in French. In my opinion, European directors understand comedy so much better than American directors. It is so refreshing to see such a fresh new perspective on this genre. I could watch this movie over and over again.

Clark A (kr) wrote: neither made me happy, angry nor horny, what was the point?

IOnell S (au) wrote: A pesar de que me quede placenteramente dormido en partes de la pelicula, no se debio a que estuviera aburrida sino que yo estaba cansado jajajaja. Al menos pude disfrutar del fado y aprendi un poco de la comunidad portuguesa en Massachusetts. Sin duda apasionados si que son LOL..

William G (de) wrote: one of the best movie i have ever seen

Brett C (us) wrote: I'll admit, I was skeptical. I mean, a murder mystery where all the characters are cats? Seriously? But the violence, cursing, the whole noir/detective-story feel to it, plus the crazy dream sequences kept it interesting and entertaining throughout. Who knew an animated movie about talking cats could be so good?

Mike W (nl) wrote: Dennis is one funny troublemaking kid!

angela S (fr) wrote: loved this movies. one of jon cryers best i think. great action romance.

Bojan K (it) wrote: gledati, gledati, gledati. krasan film ceste.

Bristol F (de) wrote: First Mae West film. She was something else. Not what I expected. If they remade this film today...Queen Latifa would be pretty amazing in her role.

Jamie Y (ag) wrote: Very entertaining - although at times it's a little over the top, overall the production and direction was excellent, with great cameos from some well known character actors. KIerra Knightley's performance was excellent, and Mickey Rourke was at his very best!