After the war, Matt Gordon returns to Singapore to retrieve a fortune in smuggled pearls. Arrived, he reminisces in flashback about his prewar fiancée, alluring Linda, and her disappearance during the Japanese attack. But now Linda resurfaces...with amnesia and married to rich planter Van Leyden. Meanwhile, sinister fence Mauribus schemes to get Matt's pearls.

After the war, Matt Gordon returns to Singapore to retrieve a fortune in smuggled pearls. Arrived, he reminisces in flashback about his prewar fiancée, alluring Linda, and her disappearance... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather B (ca) wrote: Excellent acting by Guy Pearce & Robert Pattinson. The ending was beautifully phenomenal. This isn't normally my kind of movie, but I'd heard about the performances and sought to watch it. It was terrific.

Philip N (ru) wrote: The best sleeper film of 2009. I did not hear anything about this and luckily stumbled upon it. The opening scene gets you hooked. Plus, you get to see Shannon Syossaman (don't know how to spell her name) topless and she looks phenomenal. This movie brings such realism to the screen. Incredible.

Shawn H (ag) wrote: Congratulations this movie receives my award for the worst move EVER made...EVER! I cannot emphasize this anymore. Do not waste your time with this load of dung. The acting is horrible, god awful terrible. I couldn't even finish the movie to see who died. Load of crap! and that's putting it nicely. Horrible! Avert thine eyes from this crapfest! I would rather gouge my own eyes out with something short and blunt than to watch this movie!

mirabella 1 (ca) wrote: SEVEN UP Series (1964-->onwards)Directed by Michael Apted.This realism-style of documentary film-making was truly innovative in its time, a fact that in these days of 24hr-a-day Reality TV one can easily overlook.Director, Apted, did not select particularly special children & yet, each in their own way, IS special. One feels privileged to be permitted to share a little of their lives & the journeys that those lives take them on.It is also interesting (& sometimes confronting) to recognise parallels in one's own life to those seen on screen & has certainly given me pause to think at times.I don't believe a film-maker could hope to achieve more than that.****4 & a half out of 5 stars****(This R/V applies equally to all films in the series.)

Ryan W (gb) wrote: The documentary does provide some very interesting topic points about the vents of 9/11 but the documentary at the same time suffers a fair bit from being very anti George Bush and his administration but overall I greatly enjoyed this

Mariano A (au) wrote: Que parecido rumania a nuestra Argentina. "Los mocosos se trepan y se van hacia el sooool...."

Scott R (mx) wrote: a fun romantic comedy

Wayne K (kr) wrote: Sliver is a completely wasted opportunity, taking a bunch of good actors and giving them bland dialogue to deliver and an uninteresting environment to exist in. The mystery is far from compelling, the screenplay is the worst combination of stupid and repetitive, it drags on interminably even after it's said everything it needs to say, and the ending is so jarring and abrupt that it feels like a giant middle finger from the filmmakers. Apparently, the heavy editing was imposed after poor test screenings, completely changing not only the progression of the film but its conclusion as well. It could have been better, but not much worse. Every actor has the earning-the-pay-check-and-nothing-more expression, and Sharon Stone is here simply to cash in on her recent Basic Instinct success, by doing more or less what made her so popular in that movie. It's boring, badly written, incompetently acted and frustratingly meaningless. Don't even bother.

Justin B (de) wrote: More slasher Euro-Trash only from the depraved mind of Jess Franco. Better than I thought it would be.

Logan M (br) wrote: Slick and surprisingly lighthearted, this illicit caper is an underappreciated gem from the early 80s.

Curtis R (it) wrote: Not a huge fan of Seijun Suzuki's films but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be this one. Hideki Takahashi owns in the role of Tetsu, a reformed Yakuza hitman who desperately wants to keep his talented artist kid brother Kenji from following in his footsteps, so he and his brother hope to go on the lam and end up in another country but that falls short when a con man steals their money and forces them to take jobs on a construction site. The Yakuza are hot on Tetsu's trail and its only a matter of time before one of the greatest one man sword battles is set into play.

Jayden (us) wrote: ....................

Sarah E (jp) wrote: An excellent movie. Everyone acts to perfection. My favourite character is what Vincent Price portrays. I love this movie. I recommend this movie to all gothic romantic horror fans!

Logan M (it) wrote: A little long, but "Mr Turner" mesmerizes the whole way through its lengthy runtime.