Singham Returns

Singham Returns

Singham Returns is an Indian action film directed by Rohit Shetty and produced by Reliance Entertainment. The sequel to the 2011 film Singham, actor Ajay Devgn reprises his role from the previous film, as well as co-producing the project, while Kareena Kapoor Khan plays the female lead.

The story starts when Singham tranfers his work to Mumbai where he detects the corpse of his teammate – Colva with the packet of money. When discovering the truth hiding behind the death, Singham faces up with Baba who is related to high-class politicians. Could Singham pass through the challenge and purify the corrupt machinery? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (nl) wrote: Mishandled psychological thriller. The advertising would have you believe that this was a bloody grindhouse homage but it's actually [an attempt] at something deeper. The score is decent and the cinematography is ok but the story is sleepy and unbalanced; uneasily treading between black comedy and dramatic social statement.

Akshay R (gb) wrote: Predictable and inconsistent.

Grant T (ca) wrote: Kind of creepy, but doesn't finish well

Won Kyun K (it) wrote: Nearly like a soft pornography movie. No story worth to notice.

Michael A (jp) wrote: definately ah great overall South African musical

Kate B (nl) wrote: Utterly fascinating, so much I never knew about Jimi, no one will EVER match his guitar playing skills, he hardly ever looked at the strings he was at one with his instrument. Some touching interviews with Jimi and the people who knew him. I loved it.

Kim L (gb) wrote: This is the worst movie the remake in 2010. They kill Karl Urban, and at the end, it says... BASED ON A TRUE STORY!!! Bunch of crap, and BIG LIE, I MEAN TOTALLY UNTRUE THAT IN MY BOOK MAKES OT A BIG PEICE OF CRAPOLA. DONT GET IT AND DONT SEE IT. IM SURE THE FIRST VERSION, IS NO BETTER...

Mike T (de) wrote: The first starring film for Martin & Lewis (and the film debut of Polly Bergen) is a mixed bag of schtick.

Jonathan S (es) wrote: Loved the characters, performances, pacing and story. Engaging and enjoyable. Never got bored at any point. Really emotional movie and really exciting ending.

Thomas B (jp) wrote: I usually like any Christmas at some level. Not this one. Skip-it

Walter J (br) wrote: A story line that revolves around a person who is confined to a hospital bed with extreme pain for weeks and who decides to give up and ignore his family and friends is not going to be an action packed drama. It is a slow painful ordeal. What is portrayed is real life!He and his family overcame this tradegy and moved on to a productive life. This is the encouragement that makes this movie worthwhile to see.Should a movie script based on a true story be embellished just to make it more exciting?