Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain

In 1927 Hollywood, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are a famous on-screen romantic pair in silent movies, but Lina mistakes the on-screen romance for real love. When their latest film is transformed into a musical, Don has the perfect voice for the songs, but strident voice faces the studio to dub her voice. Aspiring actress, Kathy Selden is brought in and, while she is working on the movie, Don falls in love with her.

1927 Hollywood. Monumental Pictures' biggest stars, glamorous on-screen couple Lina Lamont and Don Lockwood, are also an off-screen couple if the trade papers and gossip columns are to be believed. Both perpetuate the public perception if only to please their adoring fans and bring people into the movie theaters. In reality, Don barely tolerates her, while Lina, despite thinking Don beneath her, simplemindedly believes what she sees on screen in order to bolster her own stardom and sense of self-importance. R.F. Simpson, Monumental's head, dismisses what he thinks is a flash in the pan: talking pictures. It isn't until The Jazz Singer (1927) becomes a bona fide hit which results in all the movie theaters installing sound equipment that R.F. knows Monumental, most specifically in the form of Don and Lina, have to jump on the talking picture bandwagon, despite no one at the studio knowing anything about the technology. Musician Cosmo Brown, Don's best friend, gets hired as Monumental's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennie R (it) wrote: I just didn't get this movie. A carnival just appears in the middle of a desert and no one finds that odd? Then came the end and I wasn't really sure what just happened. The movie wasn't good enough for me to watch it all over again to figure it out. The Reaper is pretty frightening when you finally get a look at him.

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Chevelle S (it) wrote: I love this movie! best yet!

Timo V (it) wrote: A great look into the biggest and most resilient fan culture in the world. Before my big Star Trek odyssey, I just laughed at the fans presented in this documentary. Now, I laugh with them. I get it. I really do.

Trent R (gb) wrote: Stupid, fun Terminator/JD mashup that bears little relation to its predecessor. You get McDowell vs. the Keach - rocking a silver mullet & contacts, backed up by a triumvirate of cyborg teachers played by classic character actors and Pam Grier in a sweet weave. The JD kids are a bore, as standouts Josh Miller (Near Dark) and Darren Burrows (Cry-Baby, Northern Exposure) do not last long. Still, this delivers the Seattle-shot goods with a plethora of bullets and minimal Edensoy product placement.

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Jeremy N (jp) wrote: Madcap comedy set on board a cruise liner (not in a gay bar).

Dillinger P (us) wrote: Sometimes it is the most simplest of ideas and executions, that actually grip us as an audience the most. Dial M for Murder, is without a doubt, one of the best examples of this. Based on the theatre play and soaked with Hitchcockian content, Dial M, is set around a love affair between Margot Wendice and Mark Halloway. When Mark comes to visit the already married Margot and her husband Tony, Margot explains to Mark how she had been receiving odd letters from an unknown source, claiming that unless she paid the source money, they would expose the couple to Tony, a washed up Tennis player. Worried about what may happen, the love birds float around an idea of telling Tony, however before they can Mark is forced into a string of dates with Tony himself and it appears that Tony plans to hire someone to kill his wife and to reap the financial awards from it. It's extremely basic stuff, however the performances and dialogue thrown from Grace Kelly, Richard Cummings and of course Ray Milland is extremely gripping stuff. They are all wonderful actors, in their own right, and here get quite a lengthy, however fairly static, piece of material to work with. Hitchcock, naturally unfolds the story in his usual, expertly crafted way, giving visual clues and hints, making the viewer feel like they have stepped into the shoes of Paroit. Each scene and shot is meticulously crafted and serve purpose, there is very little, if any filler in here what so ever. This is testament to Hitchcock himself, he doesnt burden the viewer with too much, he merely gives them all they need and by the conclusion, we find ourselves being extremely satisfied with the conclusion we are left with. It is also, extremely dark, its amazing to think that the content of this film back in the day, was deemed fairly standard and its brilliant to watch a more toned down but equally tense and chilling crime thriller at work here. You are completely enveloped into the characters, situations and actions and you will constantly find yourself gripping the edge of your seat, not just for the good guys, but for the villains also, which is a rare talent. Conventionally we are taught to root for the good guys, regardless of how appealing and interesting the bad guys motives and ideals may be. Some directors even go as far as to flip this technique on its head, having you root for evil over good, however Hitchcock does a rare thing here, by allowing you to see complete motive behind everyones actions, although not exactly a conventional way of dealing with things, you can understand Tony's frustration, he is out of money, his wife is cheating on him and is desperate to achieve some form of closure and right of passage. He has reason and motive for hatching his plan, Hitchcock never shows it as being acceptable, however he shows it as a conclusion, that someone may come to, under the right circumstances and he furthers this with a brilliantly choreographed scene between Tony and the would be killer.The killer, although coersed into his actions, finds it acceptable enough to go through with the plan, these are small details, but they are details that matter. Dial M for Murder, is a brilliantly crafted master class in film making, it is so overly simple it becomes complex and brilliant, it oozes character and its tension and suspense will have you gripping your seat for the run time. Are there down sides, well if I were to nitpick John Williams as the detective does come across as slightly over acted, but he isnt terrible and the focus is so firmly rooted on the love triangle that he serves only as a means of moving the story forward and unravelling the twists and turns. He is needed and although his execution is nowhere near as perfected as the great James Stewart in Rope, another brilliant Hitchcock piece, he does do exactly what his character should do. It is a minor niggle and thats the great thing about Hitchcock, he knows what the focus should be on at all times, and he executes this practise flawlessly with this film.

Sandra V (es) wrote: Two hundred years after Ellen Ripley died saving mankind from a brutal alien race, scientists clone her to recreate the alien, believing they can bend it to their will. The new Ripley is part alien however, and ambiguous in her intentions. As a small cargo ship arrives with peculiar supplies and a motley crew, the scientists naturally underestimate the aliens, chaos and carnage ensue and the survivors band together to try to make it out alive but can Ripley be trusted? Not as good as the first two, this film becomes more stomach-churning with each scene and the director goes over the top for shock value. The action is good though and Weaver and Ryder give good performances. The ending is nice too.

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Sol C (ca) wrote: Sam Jackson and Keke Palmer's performances are the best reasons to watch the film. They have a great on screen chemistry together. The film was so so. It was also predictable. I would have rather seen a film about the father daughter story than the predictable murder mystery.