Sinterklaas en het uur van de waarheid

Sinterklaas en het uur van de waarheid

When something bad happens at Aunt Til's exposition, the Sinterklaas fest seems to end once and for all. A series of terrible events is set in motion, which treatens to free the evil Dr. Brein and her accomplices.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:119 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Dutch
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sinterklaas,  

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Sinterklaas en het uur van de waarheid torrent reviews

TODD R (jp) wrote: Too many things wrong with this low budget flick to describe. Absolutely awful. Save your money and move on.

Julio V (es) wrote: Feels way too exaggerated and not once did I feel for any of the characters.

Grant G (mx) wrote: Hilariously Satirical!

Peepee H (fr) wrote: This my favorite movie. I just watched it.

Cynthia S (kr) wrote: Excellent fact-based crime drama that avoids sensationalism for a more subtle approach, but retains the psychological darkness you'd expect from a serial killer movie. This movie proves life is stranger than fiction, and nothing beats a well made movie of a true horrendous crime. As a side note: I have read that these events helped abolish the death sentence in England. I can believe it, cuz a story likes this really makes you ponder this issue.

Stig S (us) wrote: One of Bergmans first films is inspired by the Italian neo-realist Rosselini but still bears some of the touches that would come to define his later movies. Primarily for fans of Bergman.

Sam S (us) wrote: i read the amazing Scott Spencer novel on which this film is based. All it needed was to remain faithful to the book and they could've had something....instead this is badly acted, sometimes laughable and completly misses the point of the original story.

aaron s (mx) wrote: Really fun comic-book sci fi adaptation, good casting and performances and effects.