Sir is a 1993 Bollywood film directed by Mahesh Bhatt starring Naseeruddin Shah, Pooja Bhatt, Atul Agnihotri and Paresh Rawal.

Bombay-based Professor Amar Verma lives a middle-class lifestyle with his wife, Shobha, and 6 year old son, Kunal. When a gang-war breaks out between Veljibhai and Chhapan Tikle alias Jimmy... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sir torrent reviews

Gena D (gb) wrote: This movie was so horrible it actually bummed me out for an hour after I watched it. It was unclear whether it was supposed to be funny or scary because it was neither. Molly Shannon carried it but was not used enough to make up for its weak plans. The intense and rapey attic scene was about the best constructed set in the whole thing. Camera work was shakey and stunts were unbelievable. Like a car clearly not sitting on a body. Poorly acted, poorly executed and overall disappointing considering there actually was a story in there. Molly, the attic and the fact that it was unique enough to make me want to know where they went with it is the only reason this gets more than half a star.

Steve H (de) wrote: Know nothing about it.

Heather M (ru) wrote: I am going to pass on this.

Private U (jp) wrote: 100% recomendable pa kien le gusta las pelikulas extraas pero a la vez chidas ke dejan sabor a pitufresas...!

Rachel S (au) wrote: probably is a good movie even though it's for kids.

Elin G (nl) wrote: Honestly. this was crap. It had it's moments, but over all it felt cheeap, and scruffy, and not at all a film that delivered on it's premise. A waste of both a decent story and a bright eyed Elijah Wood.

Grant W (gb) wrote: I admit it! I didn't watch the full 7 hours! I found this film profoundly interesting, intensely poetic and rich with meaning. I just... felt like it should be a quarter of the length and done on stage rather than film. I mean, if you're going to make a film that is almost entirely like a play, why use the medium? Why not just make a play? Is it so you can use poorly executed zooms and a tripod that occasionally lets us down, literally and figuritively? After the first disc I had had a bit too much spotlight lit black ice and poor, very 1970's quality, film stock too last me a lifetime... which is a shame because as I World War II buff I was absolutely captivated by the subject matter. The puppets and actual recorded audio from the era were highlights for sure.

John A (mx) wrote: An Excellent Piece Of Horror Cinema, That Has A Low But Gory Body Count. This Modern Werewolf Film Focuses On Sisters Ginger (Katherine Isabelle) & Brigitte (Emily Perkins). The Sisters Are Bullied By Their Fellow Pupils Because Of Their Morbid Obsessions. Ginger Is Attacked By A Wolf, & Slowly Starts To Show Signs Of Strange Nocturnal Behaviour. This Film Is A Wonderfully Written B-Movie, Which Boasts An Unknown Cast, That Are Great In Their Respective Roles. The Film Also Links This Change With Puberty, Making The Attacks Seem More Vicious. This Is Also Excellently Directed. Of Course Their Are Flaws, But There Hardly Noticeable. An Excellent Film & Probably The Best Werewolf Film Since The Mid 80's.

Film C (gb) wrote: Reminds me the first Spielberg film ever to be the worst.

Corey P (gb) wrote: The movie is creepy you never expect it to be what it is.