We are definitely not alone in the Universe... nor here on Planet Earth. Sirius is an important documentary from Emmy award winning Director Amardeep Kaleka.

Eun-Chang was a brilliant and popular kids while his twin brother Shin Woo was more inferior. But everything changed when he was imprisoned because of Shin-Woo. After being released, Eun-Chang is ready to seek his revenge and take everything back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pravin A (au) wrote: This movie should have been called 'Dumb Maaro Dumb'. What a waste of time.

Jane M (it) wrote: It's not good, but it's not as bad as I expected. What is Michael Douglas doing in this movie though?

Krystal S (mx) wrote: Lots of famous people in one really mediocre movie.

John W (mx) wrote: I bought this movie for $1 at a movie store going out of business. What a find. I have never seen a horror movie with more heart and complexity to a character as this one has. Dellamorte is a caretaker at a cemetery where the dead can, and absolutely do, come back to life after seven days. His job, as appointed by the mayor, is to keep the dead in the cemetery by killing them after they return. He doesn't really think too much about it. He just does it. And his goofy, short bald companion Gnagi just kind of goes along for the ride as well. Everything changes, in an extreme way, when a beautiful widow shows up for her husband's burial. You know, let's not give too much away here. Let me sum it up like this. A caretaker kills the dead, has sex with a girl on her husband's tomb after turning her on by taking her to the tombs and turning her on. She's bitten by her dead husband, and when she wakes up, Dellamorte kills her. Then has to kill her again later. A look alike shows up, and he has his penis turned useless for her. Then kills her. Meanwhile, a headless mayor's daughter tries to marry a short bald man. When it fails, the head flies through the air and bites her dad. The Grim Reaper shows up and tells Dellamorte to kill the living before they die. But his friend takes credit for his crimes. So he kills his friend and a hooker that looks like the look alike of the first girl, but the cop won't believe that he did it. So he drives out of town, but hits a cliff that signifies the end of the world. So yeah. That's the movie. Did you get all of that? It's amazing. The dialogue that Dellamorte spits out is incredibly morbid and thought provoking at the same time. There's not a flaw I can find in this movie. It knows what it wants to do and does it without flinching. Zombies, the Grim Reaper, floating heads. What else do you want in a movie?

Jeremiah L (mx) wrote: Blank has done better. It did make me realize how unfamiliar I am with garlic.

Andrew O (nl) wrote: An intelligent, attractive, and complex thriller, Three Days proves to be influential with its romantic but serious tone and greyscale landscape.

Amber F (au) wrote: Possibly the best film the Coen Brothers have ever made, No Country for Old Men holds an extremely captivating story with intense dialogue, effective symbolism and underlying messages that will make you think for days.

Isuru B (nl) wrote: A heartbreaking and heart warming tale of mother's love and survival in the wilderness, the Last Lions is visually spectacular and delivers a timely message.