The Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph falls in love with the young Elisabeth. It's love at first sight but Franz Joseph's mother Sophie doesn't approve this love.

The Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph falls in love with the young Elisabeth. It's love at first sight but Franz Joseph's mother Sophie doesn't approve this love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Albert L (gb) wrote: I absolutely loved this awe-inspiring ensemble of a story.

Sean P (jp) wrote: A mother's journey in both self acceptance and the acceptance of her family, while balancing her religious beliefs.

Huw David J (it) wrote: A tough watch. But very honest.

Annie R (nl) wrote: eeeeeeeeesh the wrong thing for the right reason is still the wrong thing...

Melissa H (de) wrote: I'll say it, dissapointing. The present-day timeline was weak. It felt rehearsed and like it was trying really hard to be "typical" but came off as contrived. The movie didn't let you develop enough of an attachment to the past timeline, though the acting was great there so it kind of made the present day acting pale in comparison. The "dream" segments were just awkward. When Meryl Streep finally showed up, I kind of wanted her to slap those chicks around. But instead she was all-knowing and understanding... and she would be.I love so many of the actors in this and it had individual great moments, but all together it just didn't work. Interesting idea, but not done entirely "right," for me.Um... props to Meryl Streep for having a kid who looks just like her... and to Claire Danes for the scene in the kitchen singing at the end, I did cry. And Patrick Wilson is free to be really attractive on my screen anytime, hopefully next time in something better though.

Michael M (ag) wrote: For some reason I seem to recall more naked Christina Ricci when I first watched this movie but it's still an extremely underrated gem. Worth checking out if you've never seen it.

Terri H (au) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Raydel A (nl) wrote: I think I saw mi neighbor's dog in here.... what a piece of poop this effects.

James M (nl) wrote: Macauley Culkin exacts revenge on his dad (Ted Danson) for being abandoned as a child.... You can't help but find yourself siding with Ted Danson's character and thinking "Why don't you just shoot the little shit?"

Corey C (jp) wrote: Funny buddy comedy that has a much worse reputation than it deserves for some reason... reading reviews of the film, one might come under the mistaken impression that this movie isn't funny, which it definitely is. Not great or anything, but certainly much better than I expected.

Richard D (jp) wrote: The first 20 minutes of this movie absolutely deliriously wonderful. I wish I could say that the remaining hour was anywhere as good, but it becomes increasingly dull and confusing as it goes on. Too bad ... but man, watch it for at least the first third.

Mayank A (ru) wrote: Slow paced movie with nothing happening, a lot more could have been done with the plot premises.

Dom H (fr) wrote: Absolutely loved it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this film is a beautiful rendition of that. A must watch classic.

rni Steinn N (au) wrote: i loved it. The universe is amazing, it's creative and to top it all of, nostalgia.

Wendy K (kr) wrote: Seemed the story of my life. 2 people meet, fall in love, but life goes on and they unintentionally drift apart until they do not know what happened.. my ending is better