The young Bavarian princess Elisabeth, who all call Sissi, goes with her mother and older sister Néné to Austria where Néné will be wed to an emperor named Franz Joseph, Yet unexpectedly Franz runs into Sissi while out fishing and they fall in love.

In the first of a trilogy of movies about Elisabeth "Sissi" of Austria, the young vibrant princess catches the eye of her sister's fiancé, Emperor Franz Josef. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy T (jp) wrote: Loved it. Story line was ok but it was hilarious the entire movie.

Edward A (mx) wrote: After witnessing David Michd's latest film, The Rover (which I was fairly impressed with, to begin with), I decided to visit his debut feature-the one that received universal acclaim from all sides, the audience and critics, and put Michd on the map as one of the newcoming filmmakers to most look forward to. Animal Kingdom is a crime drama that centers around a family of unmitigated drug dealers and gangsters. There's Baz (Joel Edgerton) who appears to be the reasonable and practical friend, followed by the family itself: a creepily callous "Uncle Pope" (Ben Mendelsohn), a more reserved and seemingly-innocent/young Daren Cody (Luke Ford), and Craig Cody (Sullivan Stapleton) who's frantic in his demeanor and impatient in his methods. This family is headed by an apparently-benevolent and merciful mother named Janine (Jacki Weaver) who's actually diabolical and meticulous beneath that deceitful smile and glowing appearance, entirely bent on protecting the foundation of the Cody family at all costs. Finally, we have her grandson, Josh (James Frecheville), who's suddenly forced to live with these malefactors and endure the family's daily depraved activities after finding his mother OD'd on the couch and taken away. After a loved one is brutally murdered, the family is caught in a horrific predicament and now unable to sustain the composure that once kept them from the eyes of the law-all hell breaks loose and friendships/relationships are ferociously put to the test. How can a human being know who to trust-even when it concern's one's own family members-in the heat of the moment and on the run from the police? Animal Kingdom delivers with raw emotion and an uncompromising, realistic portrait of true human nature...of the fear and desperation that inexorably consumes a soul once sin has been committed. Thanks to the incredibly authentic performances boasted by a remarkable ensemble (that also includes Guy Pearce as the primary detective in the investigation), everything feels so real, and from there on, the sheer unpredictability of this tale sets in. Right from the start, a significant character is killed-a character who really was being gradually developed and one who you were only beginning to meet-and suspense, complemented by twists after twists, ensues immediately. The audience is tormented by verily tense interrogation scenes that only propel you to cringe as the suspect attempts to maneuver around dangerously pinning questions. We've seen plenty of these kind before but very few as convincing and marvelously-executed-the screenplay and acting exuding haunting verisimilitude. In addition, the narrative follows the lives of all fairly sensible and humanly smart individuals, often culminating in a clash of wits and grit and showcasing each character's individual and differential plan of resolving this utter mess. In this day and age, after the release of innumerable crime thrillers, every other one seems to be generic and clichd and the prior one simply okay, but this picture is that refreshing exception that proceeds unexpectedly with its every captivating minute. It carries a much faster pace than that of The Rover, as well as an intricately-set-up and unleashed plot of emotional and thematic depth. I was so drawn by it that its two-year-old age didn't stop me from putting a review out. Michd's Animal Kingdom is one of those unfortunate gems that flew under the radar and missed any major awards buzz and box office success to officially cement its stature as one of the best movies of the decade so far.

Jos M (jp) wrote: Thriller que destaca por las actuaciones de Hopkins y Fitrth, adems de una gil direccin, a ver como se desarrolla Alfonso Poyart en el futuro.

Cam E (de) wrote: The cartoon cat comes to life again. This time there is two identical Garfield's. This sequel to Garfield is a complete joke. What kind of a film is this? This is one of the worst sequels I have seen. The film gets very boring about 10 minutes in to it. I thought the first Garfield film was okay but Garfield 2 is just a pile of rubbish. What is good about Garfield getting mixed up with an identical cat, they could have come up with a much better idea for a sequel to Garfield. I have not seen any of director Tim Hill's other films but he must not be a very good one if he directed a poorly done film like this one. I like one thing about Garfield 2 and that is the fact that Billy Connolly an excellent comedian is in this film. And I liked him in this film. If it wasn't for the good cast of Billy Connolly I would have rated this film half a star. All around this film is a joke.l

Rasmus P (gb) wrote: Interesting dokumentary by Oliver Stone. Fidel really shines through and Stones often-used doku-editing works amazingly and creates life in this higly watchable film. If you're looking for a more biased view on Cuba check out the follow-up Looking for Fidel.

Matthew B (kr) wrote: "The Karate Kid, Part III" is not a good movie, but its by no means the worst movie that I've ever seen. I thought the chemistry between Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio is still as good as what the first two movies were. Also, I don't mind the idea of a revenge story, but it could have been done better if it was well executed. I enjoy the music by Bill Conti, and the film's cinematography. Of course, I do say Thomas Ian Griffith plays a well done villain. With that said, the ending is a bit anti-climatic while Macchio's character having a new relationship with the new love interest didn't do much for me. This film is misguided, if they hadn't rehash some of the old stuff. Its watchable, but not really that good of a movie.

Aubeen L (ru) wrote: My favorite movie of all time

Wrik S (de) wrote: Skin flick; ultimate scenario for those who r into nudity with beauty

Dave S (jp) wrote: Playful, stylized, and all the better for keeping its satirical elements relatively understated.

Eric L (ag) wrote: Hmmm... This seems to be available at the local library.

Joshua F (nl) wrote: A pleasant enough slice of Soviet propaganda wartime fluff.

Chris W (br) wrote: Despite the disclaimer at the start which says that the film is not based on any real event or persons, or that sort of thing, the film in fact actually is a fictionalized dramatization of an actual event. The film concerns a nightclub hostess who works for a high profile New York gangster. She gets into a sticky situation when she and her coworkers find themselves faced with a dilemma when they become involved in a trial that could put their boss away-if he doesn't "take care" of them first. The real life event that inspired this film was that of the testimony of a bunch of call girls during a murder trial who ended up exposing Lucky Luciano as a major figure in a prostitution ring, and putting him behind bars. Due ot the censorhip in place at the time in the film industry, the material had to be softened and the less savory parts likewise toned down, but the result is still a decent, if ultimately unremarkable period melodrama. I thought the film was okay, but it bugs me that the studio system was the way it was back then, because this material had the potential to be really powerful and effective, and if made today, the justice that the stroy deserves coudl be done, and wouldn't have to be as restricted (and the fake out disclaimer wouldn't be necessary either). But at least the film did do something major by showing the criminal world from the perspective of the victimized female- something rare for the day. Bette Davis gives a strong and fairly decent performance as the lead girl Mary, who plays the most pivotal role in the criminal case at the film's center, as it is her character who was with the victim hours before his death, which came at the hands of her employer. In a rare good guy turn (for the time, that is), Humphrey Bogart sheds his typecast label as a thug or heavy and puts in good work as the stern, yet sympathetic prosecutor David Graham. All in all, this is a decent enough melodrama. It's not really all that memorable, and it is formulaic and predicatble, and it bugs me that the story was compromised, but the performances are fine, it's not boring, and it's refreshing to see an older film that shows women in good roles and from their perspective. Though, to be honest, some of the supporting women still come of as shrieking stereotypes, but Davis at least has a good role.

Randy P (ca) wrote: The worst sequel of the american pie series.