Sistemo l'America e torno

Sistemo l'America e torno

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:racism,   racist,   usa,  

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Sistemo l'America e torno torrent reviews

Phillip M (ag) wrote: Very pleasant movie that had a warm feel to it and loved seeing all the local places in Hong Kong

Ildem W (mx) wrote: I always hear this criticism about this film -I dont sympathise with the characters. I dont care about them-. I cant imagine why. Havent you ever had a very long break-up conversation and not actually wanting it but cant find a way out of it even in your own mind. The main male character is experiencing typically that. His desperate attempt to forgive his wife and partly failing is so human. And Hupperts arrogance (nobody acts arrogance as good as Huppert) out of deep depression is also a great observation on relationships and psychology. Specially, the horrific laughter of her when he said -I forgive you- was the peak for the film for me. I would put this film in a -Romantic Thriller- genre. Also, it has a Vilhelm Hammershoi painting like atmosphere and extremely stylish.

Justin W (de) wrote: How does this stupid,obnoxious teenager get a movie anyway?

Dian Maya L (us) wrote: sweet tale about three generation of a family (which kinda freak me out), but overall it's a so-so..

Olli P (gb) wrote: I love the story of Milarepa (that will continue in the second part to be released in 2009), and I love the barren, mountainous Himalayan landscape, as well as the culture represented in this movie. This movie is so authentic, refreshing, without any extra gimmicks - just as slow as it should be, putting one to think while watching. Somebody consider this old fashioned, too slow and clumsy - maybe loosing the point. It is true that in some points acting (being somewhat amateurish), filming etc. could have been better but I'd rate this movie with different standards than Hollywood movie, being so happy that alternate approaches in making movies still exist.

Stephen B (br) wrote: Watching again on SkyAli bumbyay

Sivarammadhi S (ag) wrote: the emotional scenes are good

Leo L (gb) wrote: I remember this movie!

Davey M (fr) wrote: A "Christmas Carol" update for mid '80s middle America. It's nice (and rather surprising) to see the ordeals really mattering, and refreshing to see a live-action Disney Christmas movie dealing with real economical and familiar hardship ("It's a Wonderful Life" is obviously another source of inspiration and it does a lot of the same things very well). Things are handled with a lovely kind of restraint--even the trip to the North Pole, while magical, is all fairly ordinary: An old, bearded Italian saint and his wife in their cottage, elves working in the factory. Ultimately, however, the story brings up some thorny problem-of-evil stuff that it's rather short-sighted Santa theologizing is under-equipped to deal with, and, while "One Magic Christmas" really works quite well in each of its individual components (the family relationship is tenderly, convincingly, and pretty unsentimentally drawn, the small kindnesses for others are moving, the environment of the town and community are all nicely, quietly rendered), the machine as a whole has some engineering problems, though it certainly surpasses the expectations (and then some) of its unfortunate title.

Black S (es) wrote: Nasty on Location, NYPD 1970's yarn, The ghetto looks like Dresden after the firebombing in WW2. Pam Grear as a crazed, doped up,homicidal Hooker adds to the "fun". This is NOT a Police procedural...

Jennifer D (jp) wrote: Even with Mr. Grant - campy and dull.

Christopher B (ru) wrote: Tod Browning directing Lugosi & L.Barrymore!! While it's a shame Lugosi was typecast, this film had excellent supporting cast, cinematography, editing, and of course a script adapted from the lost classic "London After Midnight".

Jamie C (nl) wrote: A classic film, My favorite sci fi creature, Very creepy in places as we don't know for a long time what is hunting them, Brilliant film a must watch and has a great cast we all root for and has some great action and effects for its time.

Paul D (jp) wrote: More goofy with its comedy than any real hilarity moments, but it's enjoyable enough.