Sister, Sister

Sister, Sister

A congressional aide (Eric Stoltz) explores an old Louisiana mansion two kooky sisters (Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judith Ivey) run as a guest house.

Two sisters turn their family mansion in Louisiana into a guest house. One of their guests is an aide to a congressman, and turns their lives inside out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vanessa R (ru) wrote: The ultimate love heartbreaking movie!

Josh C (ru) wrote: I consider Amexicano a good bromance dramedy. Although the start of the friendship between Bruno and Ignacio felt rushed too me, the story really drew me in. I thought this movie would have a political message with all the recent talk about illegal immigration, but I was glad that it didn't become preachy either way. Although most of the minor characters were stereotypical and the actors portraying them seemed buffoonish, they weren't on screen that much. The main characters were portrayed wonderfully by Carmine Famiglietti, Raul Castillo, and Jennifer Pena.

Allison D (fr) wrote: Full of deeply flawed, beautifully written characters, from the most vile sort of pedophile to a culturally conflicted and ill-prepared parent of a sexually awakening Arab-American girl, Towelhead doesn't flinch in it's examination of some of the creepiest aspects of suburban living- pornography, racism, uber-patriotism, flag-mongering and the like. Well done, but not particularly fun to watch, recommended only to those who are OK with hard R ratings.

Spencer G (au) wrote: This review also applies to Seven Up, 7 Plus Seven, 21 Up, 28 Up, 35 Up, and 42 Up. Possibly one of the most important cinematic experiences I've ever had. I caught up with the series a few years ago when 49 Up was released and came out on DVD. A perfect ethnographic look at these dozen people born and raised in England, who we follow their lives every 7 years as they grow up. I am now completely invested in these people and want 2013 to come as soon as possible, just so we can get an update on these beloved people, not characters. These films are guaranteed to break your heart. It's also a study on what it means to document people and how methods of observation change the very subjects you are attempting to study. I can vouch for the fact that this series is a true ethnography, NOT anthropology, yet its methods are anthropologically correct.

Caitlin L (gb) wrote: Funny. A little dragging at times.

Daniel A (mx) wrote: It's not often that a movie peaks in its opening scene but that is unfortunately the case with Enduring Love. Following the memorable opening sequence, the film never quite manages to reignite the spark of brilliance it exhibits so early on, gradually descending from a thoughtful and high-suspense relationship drama to an all-out stalker movie. That said the film remains an exciting thrill-ride throughout, probably because of its somewhat generic ending. The cast do their part in this too, headed by Daniel Craig, Rhys Ifans, Samantha Morton and Bill Nighy; no complaints there. Overall Enduring Love is a creepy movie, which allows us to ponder the after-effects of a disturbing incident, to an extent at least, if only it had followed this trail of thought to its end, and it could have turned out much stronger.

Crystallynn N (au) wrote: crystallynnnicodemus

Justin T (kr) wrote: An incredibly powerful and moving film featuring some great acting performances.

Aaron G (kr) wrote: Everything that a contained micro-thriller should be.

Matt S (kr) wrote: Very contrived! JBJ was having a bit of a hiatus from the band whilst doing some solo work and acting. There were some awful crowbar moments where lines from songs were used as lines in the script (the worst of which is "It's like God closed his eyes and the world got mean" from August 7, 4.15). Fortunately the cast is good enough to make it watchable, but you can't help but think that this was just JBJ being a bit too big for his boots.

Rose A (jp) wrote: Three generations of Latinos interact in Los Angeles and dramatize their unique social and emotional challenges along the way. Terrific performances by a truly gifted cast

Priyanka K (mx) wrote: Gr8 movie..Gr8 direction.Love it.

Jareth S (us) wrote: screaming all your dialogue and acting mentally unstable while constantly arguing with the dial turned up to 11 does not equal funny.

Joshua L (ag) wrote: This movie was too fuckin weird in the right way for me not to like it. The thing that bothered me about it most was the music. It took something horrifying and gave it a sense pleasantness and or romance which was fucked up in a different way entirely but not in a way I fully appreciated so I have real mixed feelings about this movie but I didn't hate it.

Dan M (fr) wrote: Here's an idea for a comedy: Get great comedic actors, beautiful scenery, a nice message, and start filming. Wait, should we write some jokes? Who has time for that? Start filming! What a disappointment! I realized I didn't smile until the closing credits (and not just because the movie was over) but because it was so fun to see Kristin Chenoweth singing Route 66 with the rest of the cast.

Callum B (de) wrote: funny and a great movie.