A journalist witnesses a brutal murder in a neighboring apartment, but the police do not believe that the crime took place. With the help of a private detective, she seeks out the truth.

The Staten Island apartment of lovely model Danielle becomes the scene of a grisly murder that is witnessed by her neighbor, Grace, a reporter. But the police don't believe her story, so ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael A (au) wrote: It's like Napolean Dynamite meets Boogie Nights...only funny.

Mike M (es) wrote: Maybe I'm alone in this, but I've come to find Yamada's conservatism - the contemplative stillness of his filmmaking, and his absolute faith in the integrity of certain institutions - vastly more affecting than Ozu's, partly because these are funnier films, but mostly because they make a genuine attempt to engage with the modern world (the themes are as relevant today as they were in feudal Japan: infidelity, disability, suicide) rather than retreating meekly into the family unit. (Yamada's protagonists really do struggle.)... What a wise, warm and lovely film this is, and what a fine way to round off a trilogy that has added much to our understanding of samurai cinema. Yamada's trilogy stands comparison with what Eastwood and Costner achieved for the cowboy in "Unforgiven" and "Open Range" respectively: reclaiming these reputedly fierce warriors as gentle, homely sorts, granting us a peek under the armour and helmets at the hearts and minds beneath.

Robyn M (fr) wrote: So close to winning my heart over.

Joby D (us) wrote: Considering this was a Lumet film and had superb actors...kind of a yawnfest.

Oliver G (br) wrote: Once again, this in an excellent novel. But Ustinov is just not Poirot.

Jon O (mx) wrote: An inspiring flick agian reminds me of my childhood years (brings back a lot of fond memories

Alec N (de) wrote: Spike Lee totally stole the Radio Raheem character from this movie.

Darren A (au) wrote: Sinatra did a good job as Tony Rome..Lots of cliches but lotsa fun too..

Jo Y (es) wrote: I don't like to read what they are saying at the bottom of the picture.Thats why I don't want to see them. Put them in English and I will look at them.

Anne F (it) wrote: Marie Curie's fascinating life and discoveries didn't appear fascinating in this rather melodramatic account of her life.

Travis W (ag) wrote: A quirky, memorable classic that will have you trying to one up your friends with quotes from the film.

John S (it) wrote: I thought it was pretty good. Just watched last night on Putlocker 2 times and it was kind of cool.

John H (de) wrote: one of my favorite films of that year. Absolutely unmissable.

Sean D (ru) wrote: It was a good mystery flick that whenever I see on TV , I catch myself rewatching. I liked how it showed a different perspective and shows other possibilities.

Jack A (ca) wrote: We Are Still Here holds some surprises, but its amateur execution stifles the flare from its already-flawed plot.