Sisters Apart

Sisters Apart

Taru elää ratsutilalla harmonista elämää miehensä Harrin ja tytärpuolensa Ninnin kanssa. Kaikki muuttuu, kun Ninni loukkaantuu hevosonnettomuudessa. Kymmenen vuotta sitten Ruotsiin lähtenyt Ninnin biologinen äiti Eve kutsutaan paikalle Tarun pyynnöstä. Even pikaiseksi kuviteltu käynti muuttuu pidemmäksi vierailuksi, kun Eve tajuaa, että hän haluaa menetetyt kymmenen vuotta elämästään takaisin. Kauan kytenyt kaipaus Ninni-tytärtä kohtaan nousee pintaan. Vähä vähältä Eve alkaa vallata tilaa perheestä takaisin itselleen, jolloin Taru menettää elämänsä hallinnan. Esiin nousee syyllisyyttä ja muistoja - rakkaitakin, vihaa ja tarvitsevuutta. Kaikki minkä Taru luuli olevan ehjää ja hallinnassa, kyseenalaistuu. Kymmenen vuotta puhumattomana olleet asiat vaativat selvittämistä ja kaikki neljä joutuvat etsimään oman paikkansa uudessa tilanteessa.

An injury changes a thirtysomething woman's life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael S (es) wrote: A solid directorial debut for Jason Momoa.

Ida A (au) wrote: what an awesome silent movie. kept me thinking thinking and thinking. From time to time i remember some scenes and everything becomes so clear. Brilliantly made movie. brilliant.

Dillon L (us) wrote: good fun godzilla movie I even like the human story

Claire T (gb) wrote: it was ok but don't think I'll watch this movie again though, I expected better and I expected better from Jean Reno, it starred Christina Applegate, Tara Reid and Malcolm McDowell

Jesse M (nl) wrote: I love this film. Art direction, cinematography, adaption from the Washington Irving's story, music...Burton, Elfman, and Depp do it again. And it is fantastic.This is the first movie that made me really pay attention to Emmanuel Lubezski. What a talent! He practically paints a masterpiece with every frame! It's gorgeous!Seriously, this film is an American classic and probably the single greatest film to watch on Haloween.

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Antonius B (au) wrote: This is such a delightful movie. Myrna Loy and William Powell are a perfect couple, each of them so endearing, and their banter is as sharp, witty, and alive today as it was in 1936. I was continually tickled by them throughout the movie, as he contends with her aristocratic and stuffy family, she playfully comments on his saltier acquaintances, and together they find themselves trying to unravel a murder mystery. As an added bonus, we get to see Jimmy Stewart in one of his earlier roles, and cute dog tricks provided by Asta. Oh, and in a brief scene, check out the woman dancing amidst a wild party they come home to - I loved these little touches.The shots of San Francisco and various sets are beautiful, the attire is gorgeous, and the script is strong, which resulted in screenwriters Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett being nominated for an Oscar. Pulling all of the suspects together at the end is a little formulaic and it gets somewhat complicated to understand all of the motives and actions, but it keeps you guessing and the final 'whodunit' is clear. Movies that try to do it all, having elements of comedy, mystery, romance, drama, and song and dance, are often weaker as a result - but here the entire package is quite satisfying. This was the second movie in what would be six total in this series, but it stands on its own and while watching it, you can understand why it was so popular. The murder mystery gets a little glib but still merits four stars, and Loy and Powell are compelling and warrant four and a half, so I round up on the overall rating.

AW C (nl) wrote: Kubricks' twisted tale of a sexually obsessed subconscious is as depraved and brilliant as you've heard.

Scott A (ag) wrote: Pretty good film about a group of people that can play around with death, but end up bringing their pasts back into the present full force. The problem is that Platt isn't included in that part, and besides Sutherland's awful past, the others seem lame in comparison. I wish they all would've had to deal with equally bad pasts, cause it seems unfair that everyone else is really minor in the film.That said, the cast is quite good, and that little kid haunting Kiefer is pretty scary at times.

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Shane D (gb) wrote: On the rewatch there's less to it than I remember, but overall, this is still a reasonably solid Cruise outing.

Kathleen W (us) wrote: The key images of this film that have stayed with me are of Charlize getting ready. Having her nails clipped and pushed back, fake hair, considered stockings. Her character is almost a grotesque being slathered in makeup and pushed out into the world. Her body is so human. In 'Jennifer's Body' Megan Fox is a red, peeling mess and she slathers foundation on her face like thick clay, while crying. That's the kind of recurring image I'm into. If we're going to critique femininity or its harmful practices, let's do it from the eyes of the women caught inside it. We're not meant to like Mavis Gary and we really don't, but there's a weird thrill in watching her crumble and then pick herself back up, without a single lesson learned.

Nyk P (fr) wrote: Even though i've given it a low rating, i'd still watch it if it was on TV. All the herbie movies are guilty pleasures.