In Dr. Gindes Hospital for the mentally insane is a patient named Inder, who is in a catatonic state, which occurred after a traumatic childhood incident. While Inder has shown signs of ...

In Dr. Gindes Hospital for the mentally insane is a patient named Inder, who is in a catatonic state, which occurred after a traumatic childhood incident. While Inder has shown signs of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick D (gb) wrote: There is no way this stage play adaptation could look anything but "stagey", since the stage production is all about the artifice of the thespian arts. Oddly, the stage version delivered more punch and intimacy than the filmed version, even though the camera was able to swoop in for closeups. The cleverness of the stage presentation, especially the final plot twist, seemed to me a bit contrived here, but still good dirty fun.

Rosemarie I (de) wrote: This film follows Lachlan MacAldonich, a former British rock star, through the inevitable resolution of a lifetime of bad decisions. This isn't a fairy tale; though far from sunny, the promise of a second chance does appear before the film's end. The expertise of this tiny shred of hope further adds to the film's authenticity and emotional impact. Carlyle's performance is deeply honest, and he seems perfectly at home with MacAldonich's rage and fear and regret. The linear narrative expressed isn't what a typical movie-goer would expect, but it works here thanks to an incredibly human story and a good supporting cast. Though there isn't much new ground to tread with the life of a rock star gone wrong, California Solo manages to find its footing in this soulful, truthful tale.

Brad H (ag) wrote: Overly complex and full of muttering dialogue that makes it a pain to follow at times. I enjoyed it, when I could tell what was going on.

Phil T (de) wrote: A few good gags, but mostly it's just a movie that plods along without too much invention and plays it too safe to be memorable despite its talented cast.

Phillip Patricia G (mx) wrote: Russell would be my choice for Batman in a Dark Knight Returns film. He is underated as an actor.

Tor M (es) wrote: A very slowpaced film where we meet an engineer that's visiting a small village in Iran.There is not much going on here. Things seem repeated and there are few characters.The rythm of the film is very off-beat. It's poetic, and many nice words are told, but there is not much else here.OK story, but it feels flat and I have some difficulties with feeling engaged to it. I do like some aspects, as the mentioned poetry and the way the lead remains mysterious and slowly shifting. It's hard to tell if he's trying to change, get away or is just misunderstood. There are few answers here.6 out of 10 apples.

Xmodem R (ca) wrote: This was a very popular TV movie when I was a child, and yet I assume that if I watched it again as an adult I would be horrified with how terrible it is.

stefn birgir s (nl) wrote: Yes. The title says it all.

Matt B (kr) wrote: Beautifully photographed and acted biography of the legendary Woody Gutherie. Some of the orchestral background music is cheesy, and some of the characters seem to be more types than real people (especially Randy Quaid's farmworker and the wealthy woman Gutherie dallies with), but overall a leisurely, textured motion picture that reminds you just how great the 70s were when it comes to film. David Carradine is outstanding, it is sad that he seems to have lost his way after this and Kung Fu.

Anna N (es) wrote: Not interested. I generally avoid horror movies.

Nicola J (ca) wrote: This film is more progressive than most today, dealing with the subject of human rights & homosexuality. It's invention as an 'enlightenment' film ensures a fair bit of preaching, but considering the level of accepted prejudice against homosexuality today I'd say you can't be direct enough on the subject. Brilliant performance by Veidt as a man being blackmailed and tormented for his sexuality.

Juls XD H (es) wrote: a good movie, to sleep :D

Luca Maria M (ru) wrote: "I want to do this!" "No! "Ok, nevermind." This sums up most of the dialogues of the movie. I'm a fan of the original character and i really wanted to like this movie, it ended to be one of my biggest cinema disappointments ever. The visuals are really amazing and (from the visual point of view) it makes Matsumoto characters come to life, but it soon turns in a collection of cool scenes and nothing else. The characters keep changing their minds in a couple of minute, things happen and it's impossible to understand how (even with the suspension of disbelief of a sci fi movie, i couldn't understand how some things happening were possible or even why they were happening) and i really hated the fact that Harlock and Yama seemed the same character.