Six Sex Scenes and a Murder

Six Sex Scenes and a Murder

Nick's made poor choices professionally and personally. A man feared and envied by many, he's lived a life seduced by crime, money, beautiful women, and burlesque. Now he wants out and he's got 24 hours to find an exit. He's helped by the love of his life, ex-burlesque dancer, Regan Price and by his brother Tony, owner of The Uptown Bar. (Julie Rubio)

Nick's made poor choices professionally and personally. A man feared and envied by many, he's lived a life seduced by crime, money, beautiful women, and burlesque. Now he wants out and he's... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn B (br) wrote: Loved it. So adorable and wasnt all mushy which was great!

Tonya N (ag) wrote: If I could I would rate this with 10 stars! Everyone should watch this.

Dana A (de) wrote: This is one of those movies that sounds great on paper but because its been done a hundred times before it doesn't hold your interest at all. None of the stories are interesting or compelling. They really don't seem to have a point nor do they make much sense. The characters because of a lack of storyline are dull and boring. Despite this the acting is the only movie's saving grace, mostly the youngest actor is what kept me watching. You know the writer was trying to go for the big picture message but it was completely lost on me, since it lacked an overall story and direction, I felt the director was just scratching the surface of these characters and there interlocking story. We never really get to know these characters instead were treated to random monologues hat don't connect. If the script were tighter, have an overall connecting message we could have gotten a lot more character development out of the entire cast. Sadly this is just one of those been, there done that, not saying anything films.

bill b (jp) wrote: Its very ARTSY.Not for everyone. (well directed but a difficult film to watch)

Eric M (br) wrote: It might be a bit overlong and cheesy in parts, but the numerous and lovable characters that make up "Lagaan" capitalize on the time spent in their journey to one up their British overlords in cricket. This story overcomes some cliche plotting with a full hearted eagerness and vibrancy rarely seen today, and some marvelously suspenseful cricket scenes. The Indian influence on song is fascinating, and overall "Lagaan" is a grand throwback to old fashioned storytelling.

Phillip D (ru) wrote: The music is just so good nothing else matters.

Eddie D (jp) wrote: Amazing and rare giallo!!!!!

Moe R (us) wrote: I'm not too big on western, but this seems interesting.

Lauren S (ag) wrote: i just love luccile ball and this movie!!!!

Tracy W (nl) wrote: There are some funny moments, however they are far and few.

Robert I (gb) wrote: There's so much bad about this film, where to begin... I know: Sean Penn.

HollyMaree S (jp) wrote: I give if half because zero isn't an option this was actually one of the few movies in life I turned off half an hour in please don't bother

Grayson W (de) wrote: Interesting for a super low budget film, but ultimately almost nothing happens . The Rifftrax version is hilarious though

Chris D (fr) wrote: Ebert REALLY missed the mark on this one...regardless of the "philosophy of time travel" this was a beautiful story about how love truly can transcend time and place. Reeves and Seymour may have made many great films, but this one will always be my favorite from both of them.