Skånska mord - Veberödsmannen

Skånska mord - Veberödsmannen

Martin Svensson was an evil and brutal man that drifted around in Skåne with his family in the beginning of the 20th century.

Martin Svensson was an evil and brutal man that drifted around in Skåne with his family in the beginning of the 20th century. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The V (gb) wrote: Easily one of the worst of 2014. A man's penis leaves his body and takes on human form so that he can learn a lesson by not thinking with his penis all the time. The very idea is just begging to be riffed by the MST3K crew. Whoever greenlit this pile of poo should have their dick go missing as well.

Jesse K (fr) wrote: Strong 4/5. This thing was a blast. Plenty of fun while being simultaneously unsettling, intense and even a little heartfelt. There's a lot thrown into the mix and not everything feels completely resolved at the end but Magic Mike stunned me with its style and surprising narrative heft. I guess now I'll have to see how the sequel compares.

Angus W (ru) wrote: A sensitive and harrowing portrayal of 60s suburban life, the Dyer sisters' production focuses on the disconnect between alcoholic parents and their knowing, struggling kids. Terrific direction of a top-notch cast, The Playroom scores on many levels to recall the era and its mores. See it and be transported to a home full of secrets in which the children must take on the roles of adults in order to survive--a place familiar to many growing up in that time.

Natan L (ru) wrote: Cliche action movie, acceptable to watch while you're playing with your phone.

Waleed A (us) wrote: well made movie but more on the cheesy side for an older demographic. moderately funny. lots of great cameos. (1 viewing)

Jeff R (de) wrote: Interesting movie to say the least. Very graphic. Shows the harshest reality of inner-city street life. Very intense, start to finish. Well written, well shot, well acted.

Robert B (jp) wrote: Are You Scared? (Andy Hurst, 2006)There are two possible punchlines for the joke that begins Are You Scared? is so much like Saw that...?, and both of them are true. The first is I can't believe The Asylum wasn't ALL OVER THIS SCRIPT!?. The second is it was released in Japan as an unofficial Saw sequel?. I kid you not. (The English title of the Japanese release of this film: Jigsaw: Game of Death. QED.) But the real joke turned out to be on Saw distributor Lionsgate, who actually optioned this turd. Since you knew all this,? you ask, why on earth did you watch it?? Simple: when I sorted my Netflix Instant queue by average rating (the Netflix Queue Sorter plugin for Grasemonkey, by the by, which you can find for both Firefox and Chrome, may be the best Internet widget ever. And no, I don't have anything to do with its programming.), Are You Scared? was the lowest-rated of the 345(!) movies in my queue at the time. How could I not watch it? The best thing I can say about it is this: I have since watched seven or eight other of the lowest-rated movies in my queue, and a few of them made this silliness look like Oscar material.Plot: after a completely gratutious opening scene that tells us this movie is exactly like Saw?, six teenagers gradually regain consciousness in an abandoned toll and die factory. At the risk of spoilers, I'll give you the next twenty minutes or so: we find out that all of them, at some point in the past, auditioned for a hit reality TV show called Are You Scared?, and they're now on the set. The only problem: all the deaths they thought were fake, well, not so much. And only one of them can survive, if any do. And so Kelly (Fractalus' Alethea Kutscher in her feature debut), Cherie (Erin Consalvi in her only feature to date), Brandon (Scarred's Brad Ashten), Laura (Off the Ledge's Carlee Avers in her feature debut), Jason (Last Call Before Sunset's Kariem Maybury in his feature debut), and Dylan (Blind Ambition's Soren Bowie), assuming any of them survive the first round, where each must face his or her deepst fear, will be pitted against one another in the championship...I will admit that, while I was pretty sure I knew where this was going (there's an early line from Kelly that gives the entire game away), I have to admit I didn't quite figure it was going to get there in the way it did"by jettisoning a large part of its setup (did the filmmakers run out of money?) and heading straight for the climactic confrontation/denouement/final shot sequence that seems almost de rigeur in horror these days. (Take the hint, aspiring filmmakers: want to make a movie that will wow fans? DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT WITH THE LAST FIFTEEN MINUTES.) I wish I could say there was some sort of unpreditable twist in there, but... no. The movie is saved from being a complete wash by there being a modicum of decent (not good mind you, just decent) acting from a couple of the principals, though when it comes right down to it the majority of the acting involved in this film was look scared and scream a lot?). And it's better than the last three or four movies in the Saw franchise, though that bar is about as close to the gorund as you can get. So it's not a complete and total waste of time... but it comes pretty darn close. * 1/2

Dave M (kr) wrote: Different to say the least. One of those movies you have to ride out and just go with til you reach the payoff in the end. At times funny, other times thought provoking. Ryan Reynolds continues his likeable screen presence and the supporting characters were, I thought, an interesting choice. Good soundtrack as well. It's a take it or leave it film, and I'm still left trying to piece it all together, but if you're down with movies like Donnie Darko and Go you might dig on The Nines. Whatever the case I wanna meet the films writer/director John August and ask him what the fuck he was thinkin when he wrote it.

Alexander Z (ca) wrote: First of all, being from Connecticut, I did have to laugh at some of the rich suburban stereotypes on display here, as I have run into all of them at some point or another. However, the film seems like it was written by an outsider observing, and as such they all have a caricature feel to them. Most of the characters are simply too stupid to live, and the few that retain any depth are developed inconsistently. Some of the dialogue is outrageously boneheaded or lacking any kind of frame of reference. Shawn Ashmore's and Katy Mixon's characters in particular are just completely unbelievable.There are good things, though. There's the main character's voice-overs, which actually are pretty representative of a confused disillusioned high school kid. And Elisha Cuthbert does a good job at portraying a person who is the victim of abuse: angry, confused between love and hate, not knowing what to do so putting on an ineffectual boasting, strong front while secretly inner turmoil rages. And the story itself is developed well and sadly grounded in reality, as this kind of thing is more common than you might think, and that is why I am giving it a higher rating.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Four friends move to Aspen after college before moving on to the real world. Beat my expectations. Could stand on its own yet packaged as an American Pie-style film, which is a bit misleading.

Christopher C (ag) wrote: Decent 90s martial art movie. It's nee bloodsport but worth a watch.

Rosie T (ru) wrote: A classic which I lovee :)

Daniel K (mx) wrote: Ah, 1988 when characters in movies could carry handguns onto planes and the phrase "Robert DeNiro comedy" didn't instill a sense of dread. Midnight Run is one of the all time great buddy comedies. There's a solid supporting cast, but it's the two leads carry the movie. The interplay between DeNiro's bounty hunter and Grodin, as the white collar criminal he's taking in, is delightful. Sure, it follows the same buddy movie formula we've all seen a hundred times - but we've seen it a hundred times because film's like Midnight Run and 48 Hours did it so well that it's been endlessly copied. There aren't many gags to be found here; the humour builds out of the situation and the relationship between the two leads, but it's still laugh out funny loud in places, and with a little more pathos than you get from an average comedy offering. Recommended.

Brett A (jp) wrote: There is something co medically charming about Chevy Chase...

Guido M (us) wrote: Terms of Endearment is one of my favourite movies of all time. A cartoony, silly, at times over-the-top, but so god-damn seductive and charming it makes its Best Motion Picture award that was very cuestionable, in my opinion, very well deserved.I love everything of this movie. How quirky it is on the first half, how destructively tragic is on the second half. I love how you can tell the scene where your heart sinks to the bottom and you get the queasy feeling of sadness running through your bodies. Few movies left me as emotionally stunned as "Terms of Endearment". If you want the whole package, better know the least about it. Just know it is the story of a relationship between a mother, Aurora (Always excellent Shirley MacLaine) and her daughter, Emma (The equally-as-good Debra Winger). These leading ladies are not only good. They are beyond excellence good, and their chemistry adds to this movie's punch. Add to this a kinky character played by Jack Nicholson, and a personal favourite of mine when it comes to Acting Range, Jeff Daniels, and you've got yourself not only a tearjerking cult classic, but a film you will want to watch again and again. James L.Brooks is a guy who I respect very much. He is an excellent movie producer, and I liked every single movie he directed and wrote (Yes, Even How do you know!). And you know a movie is this good when besides its flaws, you want to give it the perfect score, because it has done something no movie has ever done. Terms of Endearment gets the A+. It's a heart-warming and heart-rendering dark horse. You won't see it coming.

Brandon S (de) wrote: A very concise and I believe somewhat believable take on the NFL. This movie is great for sports fans and shows up on a lot of best of... lists. Al Pacino is a great coach with some memorable lines. Unfortunately, this is a Cameron Diaz movie. Movies that she is featured in tend to be horrid. Don't believe me? Look at her track record. I digress. Any Given Sunday is the ultimate football movie this side of Remember the Titans.

Ryan S (fr) wrote: I give this film an F. Besides, did Halle Berry HAVE to play another "superhero" if she plays the awesome Storm in the X-Men? Cat woman's costume sucks, too. And her cop boyfriend doesn't realize she's Catwoman when she eats fish, climbs down walls and hisses at dogs! I mean, why was this film made!?

David O (ru) wrote: I like the characters

Daniel M (nl) wrote: A truly bizarre film wherein nothing truly happens. It has its moments but they are few and far between.

pam c (nl) wrote: fabulous movie. You'll be surprised.