Skeletons in the Closet

Skeletons in the Closet

A father suspects his son to be a murderer...or is he just paranoid and trying to cover up his own past which involves his wife being killed in a fire?

A father (Williams) suspects his son (Jackson) to be a murderer...or is he just paranoid and trying to cover up his own past which involves his wife being killed in a fire? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (jp) wrote: Very Stupid And WHY DID RAINBOW DASH TURN INTO A MACHINE GUN!?

Stephanie S (jp) wrote: My boyfriend is in this movie!

Jeremie D (br) wrote: Mort de rire !! Mes parents me tannaient pour le voir... finallement je suis rassurer de voir que je ne suis qu'un petit Tanguy :-) Dussolier est vraiment excelletn tout comme les 2 autres acteurs...Et j'ai comme une petite envie d'apprendre le chinois maintenant ;p

Adam K (fr) wrote: A poorly executed idea that relies on cliches and wastes some of its talented cast members on bad dialogue and poor storytelling.

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Camille L (ru) wrote: Career Opportunities, bien que ralis par Bryan Gordon, signe le retour en forme en 1991 d'un John Hughes qui mlange deux de ses succs (un adolescent la Ferris Bueller coinc une nuit dans un supermarch o deux malfaiteurs entrent pour le braquer) pour en faire une comdie d'1h20 o Frank Whaley et Jennifer Connelly brillent. On est loin de ses tudes sociologiques un peu dsutes et beaucoup plus dans une comdie burlesque extrmement bien rythme et surtout sans arrire-penses. On y trouve mme une apparition de l'excellent John Candy et une bande-son typique de ce genre de film. Career Opportunities est donc beaucoup plus simple que Ferris Bueller, beaucoup moins long (et beaucoup plus russi) qu'Home Alone. Pas forcment inoubliable, il en reste un trs bon moment.

John C (br) wrote: one of the funniest films of 1989 and one of robin williams best

Loni K (us) wrote: Not such an interesting plot... I think this movie would have done better if it wasn't done in such a light manner. Olivier is the best thing about this film.

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Clare E (de) wrote: Love this film I think Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore are excellent together in movies

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