Skies Above the Landscape

Skies Above the Landscape

At the top of the rugged Bosnian mountain, young shepherd Mehmed patiently watches over his cows and lovingly carves the figure of a woman in a piece of wood. Almost on cue, a novice paraglider unexpectedly falls from the sky. Deborah speaks only French and he speaks only Bosnian, but they tentatively communicate, and she accepts the hospitality offered by Mehmed's mom: a bed and a meal of "mountain-style" tripe. Love soon bridges the cultural divide, and the story develops into a series of hilarious escapades showcasing the beautiful landscape and local sounds

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Imam T (ag) wrote: Just watch this movie, this is awesome and every drama scene very well-described, heartbreaking movie. #asura

Ed Fucking H (ca) wrote: This movie started out as a piss poor, devoid of creativity, paper thin actors, shallow plot kinda movie, but at the half way point took a turn for the ridiculous which actually served it well, as it began to take on Horror/Comedy elements, which were actually quite enjoyable. A little dissappointed with the ending. Without giving it away here's why. If you want the audience to sympathize with the victim, don't make them an annoying as fuck Jesus freak weirdo. She made the satanic, redneck cannibal seem normal and likeable in comparison. (He was the best character too btw.) Anyways worth seeing for the second half. The first half sucks. Watch it if you want something easy to watch that doesn't eat up too much of your time. Just don't go into it expecting too much.

Kjetil H (br) wrote: Ganske creepy grsser,men en pappfigur i hovedrollen er aldri bra,og litt for cheesy story trekker oxo ned!!!Med har sine skumle partier!!!

Brian H (br) wrote: Nice movie with a great message ... be kind and be loving to all human beings ... everyone has a life adventure and it makes the world such a better place to have so many different adventures along our life's path ... a simple film with big feeling ... the characters make you feel their sorrows without a doubt ...

adam b (us) wrote: Not my favourite carry on film, but still very enjoyable. This time taking the mick out of unions and strikes, with the the usual amount of innuendos you'd expect from a carry on film.

Jose V (nl) wrote: With all of the nascent interest in "Black Film" I fail to fathom how this treasure has escaped mention, it's rarely --- if ever --- talked about. An extraordinary Motown Soundtrack and performances by Ivan Dixon and Abbey Lincoln so powerful that it can be argued they are exact barometers of gauging the Black Experience at the time of its creation. Without this there would NOT be a Black Film Movement.

jarrad b (mx) wrote: A product of the 80's with a poor story and horrible acting from all involved.

Paul D (br) wrote: James Stewart vehicle with plenty of heart and good-will as his character sympathises with the town he initially set out to exploit. The romance with Jane Wyman is very ordinary.

Laura M (ru) wrote: I liked it. Kind of a take on the Brothers Karamazov but not really. It also benefited from the main characters being something between loosely organized chaos and disorganized chaos that kept it from being like other revenge films that get so stylish they're overdone now.

Nick U (nl) wrote: 9/15/15 Amazon PrimeAn interesting premise and well acted by Rinko Kikuchi. That said, it is a very slooow movie because of Kumiko's quiet and reserved personality. It is also somewhat sad and depressing given her work life, personal life and the bleakness of the environment she is in.. The ending was a surprise and made wading through this film worthwhile.

Melania B (au) wrote: This was the worst movie I have ever seen. It was a total waste of time. The whole movie was just about a couple fighting. Sure there were a few demon like things, but nothing that is scary. The only way I would see this again is if I wanted to go to sleep.

Shelly B (br) wrote: Horrible movie don't waste your time to watch

Jose G (gb) wrote: Hey, ya gotta be kiddin me. Yep Manucci, the rogue, unrepented and no love life! Every scene had City texture; skylines, waterfront, dirt roads, Chicago looking hoods. Hey, great chace scene but no air and I would have used a GTO instead of a Ventura. I give this film 4 stars for doing it right and one star because I liked it. What did not make sense to me is why the cop who got iced, did not run for cover when he was summoned inside! Oh yea, and another, if I were dose guys, I would have put the gagged cop in the coffin.