Skipped Parts

Skipped Parts

A woman (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and her son (Bug Hall) must leave a small South Carolina town because of her wild behavior.

An ungrounded young mother and her thoughtful teenage son are banished to a remote provincial town by a domineering father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kieran C (kr) wrote: Fantastic to see how he nurtured so many individuals and they all show much love for him

Ethan A (nl) wrote: This hyper stylized, bombastic, grotesquely violent thrill ride is just an absolute blast from start to finish.

Owen Y (de) wrote: Take all the Jamie Kennedy stuff out to make it a better movie. Oh and show Uwe Boll getting his ass kicked instead. Everything else was great about the movie, even the critics who stood their ground against Jamie Kennedy.

Todd L (nl) wrote: Disapointing action flick from Japan. All but the final battle sequences are lacking in the creativity that is one of the things I love about Asian cinema. There actualy isn't that much action here, teenage angst seems to take center stage.

cli o (ca) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Jenni P (mx) wrote: Happy and little demanding movie.... I love it!

Los R (fr) wrote: A very atmospheric, silent and detailled view at two very different characters, just absolutely fun to watch. Definitely one of my Top 10 of this millennium.

Francisco C (mx) wrote: Great story! I really enjoy Dennis Quaid's characters.

Renae B (ca) wrote: It was an interesting movie, liam really is a brilliant actor.

Raji K (fr) wrote: Gwyneth Paltrow stars in Sliding Doors. She is having the worst day in that she gets fired and as she is heading home from this event, the story takes on two different scenarios in where one scenario she makes the train home and finds her boyfriend cheating on her. In the other scenario she misses the train, is nearly mugged, and does not find out. The movie makes sense in presenting the different universe scenarios, but what does not make sense is that the events from the one scenario effect the other at random points in time. This makes the film somewhat hoaky and ruins what is an interesting movie concept. As she deals with the relationships in both movies, the film boils down to being an average film.

Martin K (de) wrote: Probably the most hilarious and disturbing gay movie ever, Bruce Labruce plays with his audience, straight or gay it doesn't matters, only him could do such a corrosive U.F.O.. Provocative, autoparodic, megalomaniac... Must be seen to be believed.

Lucy D (br) wrote: Great British assembly of actors but alas, it lacks a lot of substance.

Sophie C (nl) wrote: Pas crdible du tout !!! Ce n'est assurment pas un classique comme Basic Instinct

Kenny N (mx) wrote: As someone who could never stand "Friday the 13th," this film is a great take on the slasher flick. The characters always seemed to be more thought out and fully fleshed (pardon the expression) than the average people who populate slashers. The villain is a memorable one, and it has a great twist ending. I understand why it's rated so low on here (it's a good slasher, but a slasher's a slasher, and that's not a genre known for attaining "Citizen Kane' levels of cinematic greatness) but as a horror movie fan who appreciates effort and really good scares, I make it a V-day tradition to see this one.

Evan H (us) wrote: come on it's Elvis! I liked it

Russell G (de) wrote: This one started it all! It is stylish, sexy, and sophisticated and has a ton of mid-century charm. The pace is slower than subsequent movies in the series, but the time spent is valuable in shaping a film icon that will last for decades. Sean Connery as 007 is a timeless hero who is lightly humorous, resourceful, smart, tough, and an irresistible to women. Other actors will follow him but none will surpass him, because Ian Fleming even admitted that Connery helped shape his character in the later books. This first movie is more about the lifestyle and constant danger for a spy. The diabolical Dr. No is a mysterious villain who is not fully developed. Still, his base of terrorist operations is stunning, and he seems properly threatening even without a complete back-story. Cementing this movie as an icon of the time is the beautiful Ursula Andress. She plays Honey Rider, an innocent bystander who catches Bond's eye but soon finds herself captive of Dr. No. Andress is more than a pretty accessory. She establishes an important precedent of the Bond girl. The female companions and adversaries along with fantastic villains, sharp fashion and forward thinking technologies are what make this series special. Despite a slower pace earlier in the movie, there is plenty of excitement, mystery, romance, charm, and imagination to entertain, and it packages it all together so well. This gets the 007 franchise of to a great start and is still in the conversation for one of the best.

Ryan P (mx) wrote: Although its major claim to fame is the birthplace of Bing Crosby's iconic single "White Christmas" (one of the best-selling records of all time), HOLIDAY INN gives equal time to other holidays such as Thanksgiving and Independence Day (in an extended clunky patriotic montage due to Pearl Harbor attack occurring halfway through filming). It's a pretty good musical flick if you like the smooth Crosby vocals and the snappy Fred Astaire dances (there's one particular dance with fire crackers that is pretty brilliant). Crosby and Astaire compete for the same gal, they sing and they dance and they crack jokes, and the story is mildly interesting but fun and light. There are a few questionable scenes (including one black face routine that is utterly cringeworthy 70+ years later), but I still think it's a gem.

Britt K (mx) wrote: SPENCER TRACEY + KATZ = true love

Riley H (br) wrote: Though it was certainly ground-breaking for its time, it has aged horribly. And just because a movie is ground-breaking, doesn't make it good in and of itself: the pacing at the end is downright terrible.

Steve W (ca) wrote: When an actress hits a dog with her car, she takes him in and then discovers his horrifying secret: He's a white dog. (a dog trained from birth to attack black people)Because the dog saved her life from a rapist, Julie opts to try and get help from some animal trainers to help rehabilitate the dog in this powerful social commentary about racism.Paul Winfield is the scene stealer, and its a intriguing little lost gem with a haunting musical score from Samuel Fuller.