Skjær i sjøen

Skjær i sjøen

En eremitt av en forfatter har, etter sin skilsmisse for fem år siden, vært bosatt i et deilig, ensomtliggende hus på Sørlandet. Her får han en vakker dag sommerbesøk av sin datter og to av...

En eremitt av en forfatter har, etter sin skilsmisse for fem år siden, vært bosatt i et deilig, ensomtliggende hus på Sørlandet. Her får han en vakker dag sommerbesøk av sin datter og to av... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Han T (nl) wrote: Loved it. Homage to Westerns and to Tarantino interpretations of that.

Jose M (fr) wrote: For a really cheap film, Manborg is flat out entertaining, for it's retro throwback dating 1980s. I was mixed with the story telling and the film's lead Manborg, but most of the characters were entertaining. I cannot fully recommend it, but I wink at this film.

Jason 123 D (br) wrote: I think it's worth noting that a film being shot in black and white in 2010 is both a ballsy move and one that pays off in the end as the theme of the film proves: war is rarely black and white. This may be one of the most visually effective films ever made.

Hanna S (gb) wrote: Was the budget for this movie $50?

Tanvir M (fr) wrote: Decent cop movie, watchable mostly because of Donnie's MMA style fight choreography and execution.

John B (gb) wrote: I thought it was interesting Japanese cartoon, but, some if it didn't make sense

Ivana B (br) wrote: A wonderful documentary with a couple of flaws but I still highly recommend it.

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Makes a fine addition to my collection.

Chad N (br) wrote: Crazy, off the wall college comedy! College gut Darren needs to get $900 in one weekend and his friend gives him 50 pills of Ectasy to sell sending him on a wild adventure, meeting the most diverse group of people!

Lisa Michelle A (gb) wrote: I loved Dhoom 2 so i really want to see Dhoom!!!

John B (au) wrote: Just a weeee bit on the stupid side. I prefer if when Van Damme pokes fun at himself.

Ben B (nl) wrote: great performances. can i say that james gray is an amazing filmmaker? because he is. check out "Two Lovers," his latest.

Paul T (jp) wrote: A bit of a strange one, this, and a movie whose most famous scene (involving a severed head) is actually half of the mystery that gets revealed up to the movie's grim and bizarre ending. Even more bizaree is the fact that the movie claims this is a true story.Anyway, the movie follows a woman who leaves her two children alone while she continues an affair in a room rented out by a young blind man. Her daughter takes the opportunity to drown her brother in the bathtub. Rushing home on the news of this 'accident', there's an crash and the lover is decaptiated. Years later, the woman rents the room again, but the blind man starts to become suspicious of exactly what she's doing alone at night.This was the directorial debut of Lamberto Bava, and it's entertainingly demented and atmospheric. Stanko Molnar is great as the young blind man, but the other perfomances are just OK and the dubbing is terrible - especially as they try to affect New Orleans accents.

Dane P (br) wrote: ...just why....OH YEAH because its adult animation it doesn't need to have a story instead do things just for the sake to be fully adult as possible and all of it seems unnecessary *aside for making completely sure they got that NC-17 or X rating

Biff M (ru) wrote: This deceptive movie packs a great deal of power. On the surface it seems like a light romantic comedy that suddenly veers into Douglas Sirk territory. But like Sirk's films, there's much more here than can be gleaned from the surface. The manner in which the characters are presented--and particularly the performances--shift a viewer's sympathy. This is a remarkably unstable film (as befitting a movie filmed in black & white and color) and of course the lack of stability is the movie's very point. The film's final image is haunting and will stay with one for a very long time.

Greg W (fr) wrote: make sure to get the director's cut of this historical bio epic