Sky Force 3D

Sky Force 3D

The small plane Tinny dreams of becoming a hero, but in a friendly team of inveterate planes he does not get recognition. One day, despite the captain Ben's ban, he sets off to save people from fire, but his life gets in danger, and the captain saves him at the cost of his own life. Out of misery, guilt and fear to take off Tinny leaves the team and starts working at mine. But suddenly the raging fire makes him recollect past times and he rushes to the aid of his friends without fear.

After hot-shot team member Ace breaks ranks on a dangerous mission and it results in tragedy, he leaves Sky Force for a dreary job in cargo hauling. But Ace can't forget his former life or his friends at Sky Force. When his cruel boss puts his cargo co-workers in danger, Ace takes action. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sky Force 3D torrent reviews

Niek S (de) wrote: Seen in Spanish on a nightbus, which only added to the campy ridiculousness of the film: a bunch of Lord of the Rings/Troy /300-ish scenes sloppily slapped together by a filter-fetished editor.

Nicholas N (nl) wrote: Fun exiciting and awesome

Michelle F (nl) wrote: Informational, but not much of a story arc. I'd be interested to see a "Where Are They Now".

rabih d (jp) wrote: it is a lebanese movie

bill s (mx) wrote: Like a lot of his smaller movies,Walken is the best thing about this movie and he is still not enough.

Sophie B (ru) wrote: Obviously trying to be more like Mean Girls than anything else, this is unoriginal and boring. The acting is pretty terrible but I'd recommend to teen girls.

Manuel T (ag) wrote: Muy buena. Un genio con sindrome de asperger experto en ajedrez. Cine europeo nada que ver con hollywood

Sudhir S (it) wrote: brilliant movie to watch. hindsight, the starting point for the bachchan era

Jason C (it) wrote: This was actually way better than I had imagined it would be. Attenborough makes for one creepy serial killer who you just want to smash in the face. I am sure Timothy Evans appreciated his pardon tho lol.

S S (ru) wrote: Scary enough to have been directed by Hitchcock, and had me gasping every minute. LOVED Marilyn in this one.

Zachary Y (us) wrote: A very moving film, poetic, witty and deep. Easily one of the best vampire films ever made, even one of Jarmusch's best.

Matt B (gb) wrote: It's Rob Zombie's most stylish, gorgeously filmed movie and some of the imagery is very creepy, but it's not scary, the script is boring, and Sheri Moon Zombie is terrible in the lead.

Cornell W (nl) wrote: More rom than com and I got bored about an hour into it.