Sky Riders

Sky Riders

Robert Culp plays Bracken, whose life seems perfect until his wife Ellen and their children are kidnapped by terrorists one day. After failed attempts to capture them back by the police, Ellen's ex husband enters the fray and plans his own rescue attempt. James Coburn plays McCabe, Ellen's ex-husband who hires a crew of professional hang gliders to help him rescue her and the kids from the terrorist's mountain top lair.

  • Category:Action, Adventure
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:Fakinsai
  • Country:USA, Greece
  • Director:Douglas Hickox
  • Writer:Jack DeWitt (screenplay), Stanley Mann (screenplay), Garry Michael White (screenplay), Hall T. Sprague (story), Bill McGaw (story)

Robert Culp plays Bracken| a rich industrialist whose life seems perfect until his wife| Ellen| and their children are kidnapped by terrorists. After failed attempts
by the police to capture the terrorists| Ellen's ex husband enters the fray and plans his own rescue attempt. James Coburn plays McCabe| Ellen's ex-husband who hires
a crew of professional hang gliders to help him rescue her and the kids from the terrorists' mountain top lair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daisy P (us) wrote: Don't like musicals, tried to watch it because I like the actors but couldn't get past the annoying random singing and they weren't even nice songs. Doesn't feel like a real movie, all the movements and actions feel so weird.

Cindy E (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed this and am not sure why it's rated so low. I liked it almost as much as Underworld... a unique take on Frankenstein.

Amanda H (mx) wrote: This movie is painfully boring. I love Jeremy Sisto and usually enjoy Kristin Chenoweth, but this is just awful. There's very little plot, and what little there is, is very forgettable. The acting is very wooden and surfacey and I really don't think I'll remember anything about this movie within a few days. The synopsis definitely makes this sound a lot better than it is.

Dillon L (it) wrote: well acted has heart and a great surprise ending

Howie F (it) wrote: Challenging yet provocative movie

Mat K (gb) wrote: A very odd Fantasy, Romantic Comedy from New Zealand. It??s an imaginative movie filled with quirky characters including an agoraphobic dog, a quasi magical, old Maori woman and her horde of golfing, quilt stealing, sons. North American audiences also get to see Karl Urban play something other than a sullen tough guy. A strange little film but worth the rent, if for nothing else than the agoraphobic dog.

Jonathan S (de) wrote: Kissing a Fool, a 1998 film directed by Entourage creator Doug Ellin, is an underappreciated romantic comedy that is far funnier than it should be. The movie stars Jason Lee as Jay, a writer who has spent the last year in mourning after being dumped by his aspiring model girlfriend Natasha (Vanessa Angel). His book, based off the experience, is snapped up by Linda (Bonnie Hunt) who owns a publishing company and she hooks him up with an editor named Samantha (Mili Avital). Despite the fact she is attractive and would be perfect for him, Jay instead decides to set her up with Max (David Schwimmer), his egotistical womanizing best friend who is a sportcaster in Chicago and a minor celebrity. Max and Sam hit it off and get engaged a couple of weeks later, much to the surprise of Jay. After a little while, Max becomes less assured about the impending marriage and asks Jay to test Sam's loyalty by trying to get her to cheat on him. Kissing a Fool is told through flashbacks, as it is told through a narration by Linda to two overly enthusiastic attendees. The wedding itself does feature Sam, but who she is marrying is a mystery that we are supposed to figure out as the film progresses. The movie as a whole is witty and funny, relying on the spectacular performance by Schwimmer. Playing against his role as Ross on Friends (a show that lasted one or two seasons), he is a complete and utter a-hole through out the whole movie, but he emits enough charisma and charm that he actually remains likable, even when he's making decisions that should make us want to punchasize his face for free. His catchphrase, "What up?", is used through out the movie but to a comedic effect and will have you saying it to everyone after you watch this movie. As for Jason Lee...well, that's a little suspect and why the film almost fails. At this point, Jason Lee was still quite a novice to film, only having really done roles in Kevin Smith movies. This was his first attempt at a mainstream role, and his shortcomings as an actor were very prevalent. His inflections and attempts at acting were hard to watch in some scenes, and a couple of times I winced. It didn't help that his character Jay comes off as an annoying whiny twit, which are not desirable traits in a movie trying to appeal to mainstream audiences. Mili Avital, as the love interest, does what she can but her role could have been done by anyone. She is attractive, but you don't really get a real sense of why they are both in love with her. The story is mostly about Max and Jay, and Sam is just there to provide the arc. Saying that, at the same time I also got engrossed in the love triangle. These could have been for personal reasons, as I myself have been involved in triangles like this, where a girl I like was in love with a dirtbag guy that I also happened to be friends with. I think the personal connection and projecting my own experiences onto the TV screen had me liking the movie a lot more than I probably would have otherwise. Kissing a Fool is a fun little romantic comedy, but one that you probably won't watch more than once. Despite strong funny performances from Schwimmer and Hunt, the lackluster acting of Lee and the lack of character for Avital hurt the film in many ways. Still, if it's on TV or you have a Netflix account, it doesn't hurt to give it a chance. Maybe you'll really like it...or at least start using "What up?" more in your daily lexicon.

TIP 603 (fr) wrote: Just consider this the east coast Menace II Society...awesome gangsta ish :)

Tommy T (ca) wrote: One of the greatest Western Movies of all time. There are so many one liners in this movie they are back to back. Great acting. Great acting even by the supporting cast.

David M (jp) wrote: A terrible movie no child should suffer.

SteinErik R (jp) wrote: Truly a horrible movie, after 5 minutes I felt like turning it off and after 10 I wanted to strangle Jill Ireland to death. The movie had potential and Bronson was very good, but it ends up being just another reminder that if Ireland hadn't married Bronson she would probably never have had a career at all.

Daniel C (ru) wrote: By the artful direction of George Miller, these films each stand as thriller-masterpieces with practice stunts and action to immerse their viewers.

Duncan D (gb) wrote: i love this "rise and fall" "rags to riches" tale about the rise and corruption of telephone company worker just an all out entertaining gangster flick

Sarah G (de) wrote: One of the Marx brothers' best works, I hafta say!