A helicopter charter turns deadly when the pilot finds that she is on a building held by terrorists. It is up to her and her husband to save the hostages.

A helicopter charter soon turns deadly when the female pilot finds that she is on a building held by terrorists. It is up to her and her husband to save the hostages. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan R (gb) wrote: The Saratov Approach is the best movie the church has come out with since The Best Two Years. I still like Best Two Years more, but this one was way better than 17 Miracles and Ephraim's Rescue. It had its preachy parts, but they didn't annoy me. The acting was impressive, some scenes were pretty intense, and it also had some uplifting parts. I'm glad I saw it and I strongly suggest it.

Giovanni M (mx) wrote: A complete mess of underused talent and unfunny gags, Year One would have worked better as an SNL sketch.

Private U (it) wrote: I started watching this yesterday but fell asleep...not because it's boring (far from it!) but because I wasn't feeling well :(

Robert I (jp) wrote: A GREAT CHICAGO MOVIE! Very well made. Paul Dillion is incredible in it.

Emily E (nl) wrote: Great movie. Shown primarily from Jefferson's point of view, which compliments the 2000 CBS miniseries Sally Hemings, which shows her relationship with Jefferson from her point of view.

Matt F (it) wrote: HIghly enjoyable film about the life of Bruce Lee. My only question is: Did he really break his back as mentioned here??

Rob S (br) wrote: This film tries way too hard to dramatize a situation that I do not find that dramatic in the first place: a nun's struggle to suppress her sexual desires. At least that's one of the two things in this film that can pass as dramatic: that and the natives of the village struggling with a sickness that is going around.The climax of the film has nothing to do with the latter, and is heavily invested in the idea that one of the nuns is choosing to leave this group of nuns because she can't suppress her sexuality. I say good for her, making her own decisions. Why does she NEED to stay, why must the other Sisters feel obligated to "save" her? Maybe that is just my view on religion though - I never liked the idea of imposing your religious beliefs or practices on others since religion is a faith, not a certainty.The rest of the movie is extremely slow, focusing on the Sisters' process of creating a school for the children of the community they visit. This film looks good aesthetically, but it tries too much to dramatize something that I do not find dramatic.

addie (it) wrote: I realize Joan Crawford is a goddess to a lot of people, but for her to be cast in this role and as Garfield's Girl, sets the gold standard for mis-casting! The fact that she is way more masculine than a very masculine Garfield, I found distracting, but Garfield for his part was intense and believable as a driven violinist from the wrong side of the tracks (naturally) and he matures and matures his talent as he rises to the top, with the help of Oscar Levant, who is his, sardonic, grouchy, talented self as Garfield's mentor.