A blind girl living in a claustrophobic village that missed its chance at greatness tries to lose her virginity to a shy boy with a guilty conscience.

Jon is 17. He lives in the midst of a claustrophobic world which once seemed destined to become a seething metropolis of high-rise tower blocks and intersections until one day an absurd traffic accident occurs. At the time, Jon was made responsible. He had just turned nine years of age. Ever since, Jon’s father has anxiously watched over Jon’s development. But then one day Jon’s desire is awakened by a girl and, all at once, his oppressive environment begins to change. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan H (nl) wrote: Zero percent of critics liked it and 96% of 717 users liked it. Critics say it's not objective - too much of a 0% of 9 critics liked it and 96% of 717 users liked it. Critics said it wasn't objective, too one-sided. I'm sure that was the standard they used for Inconvenient Truth.

Cat S (fr) wrote: A well thought & excellent horror doc that follows Greg Nicotero behind the scenes & throughout his career. You'll see glimpses & interviews w/other great artists & directors, too.

wyatt c (ru) wrote: It's always great to see the TGWTG team having fun well making a movie, and it gave me one of my top ten favourite themes of all time.

Inga H (mx) wrote: A long way behind the original. Will make a good Sunday afternoon DVD for the kids in a few months but avoid the cinema for this one.

Charles P (ca) wrote: Valhalla Rising is a too exasperatingly laborious and self-important to be a notable experience in the "Heart of Darkness" tradition.

Jim T (gb) wrote: Well, it was horribly bad, but also hilarious at the same time. I am kind of dumbfounded

Dimitri C (kr) wrote: Suffering of a very bad animation and an atrocious script, "Mystery of the batwoman is maybe one the worst animated movie based on DC comic characters.

Josh G (us) wrote: I want to see Anaconda vs Python.

Tim B (es) wrote: Great Movie that I saw with Jojo!

Magill F (fr) wrote: Laughable and cheesy, but still entertaining. Fred Williamson is particularly hilarious and awesome here. The movie is far from great, but if you're in the mood for a dumb early 80s "action" flick with the world's least interesting car chase, this is the movie for you.

Ashley H (gb) wrote: This film builds up your expectations but fails to deliver, which is a shame considering it has great actors and great moments. Gene Hackman, James Coburn, and Candice Bergen are excellent. The end of the film to start with, which does not achieve the needed dramatic impact. The editing of the scenes fails to reach unity to make it more meaningful. Bite the Bullet is not one of the worst westerns I've seen.

Alexander P (jp) wrote: not very good - enough said

Morgan P (it) wrote: A bit tedious at times, but ultimately a suspenseful, fun comedy with a twist. O'Toole and Hepburn made a charming couple, who kissed quite a lot, if you're into that sort of thing.

Vincent H (kr) wrote: A very compelling drama with an extremely compelling Lancaster. This film only works because of him, his performance keeps the picture at a perfect pace, along with a wonderful Jean Simmons, Shirley Jones, and Arthur Kennedy.

Thomas D (br) wrote: Leave it to Tim Burton to direct a film about the "wackiest" filmmaker of all time. But in all seriousness, Ed Wood may very well be the best directing job of Burton's career. It's funny, strange, and rapidly paced. Burton deserves credit.I really love when movies take place within the world of filmmaking, especially during the 1950's. It was just an interesting time to be involved in the film business. Perhaps nobody more interesting than Edward D. Wood Jr. Although apparently much of the film's details were made up for the movie itself, it's hard not to get a kick out of Wood's story. A man stumbles himself into Hollywood with little to no experience, and manages to garner decent budgets to make multiple films, that's Hollywood 101.One of Burton's greatest qualities is the ability to develop a great journey for the characters. Ed Wood has a clear beginning, middle, and end, but it's the stuff along the way that makes for the most entertainment. The sheer absurdity of Wood's story is really where Burton tends to bring out his best work. Watching a man without any real talent as a filmmaker plow his way through studio executives and convince actors to join him in his quest makes it all the more amazing. I mean come on, this guy compares himself to Citizen Kane on multiple occasions.As for the performances, there's almost too many good ones to mention. Johnny Depp, in his second Burton feature, begins to show exactly why he's one of this generation's greatest talents. He easily could have been nominated for an Oscar here. It's also the first real time he played such a uniquely strange character, something he's got himself stuck into doing these days. Martin Landau, who did win an Oscar for his turn as Bela Lugosi, is what makes this film work so well. It can get tiresome watching Wood's undeserved success, but Landau works so impeccably well as a drugged up Lugosi. I couldn't have imagined someone better in that role.The rest of the cast and crew also deserve credit, mostly for succeeding in making such a strangely delicious film. After a while, you begin to go along with the joke of Wood's career. And to look up and see that there's still plenty that isn't falsified makes it all the better.+Unique characters and story+Movie about movies+Burton's tight directing8.0/10