Skyway to Death

Skyway to Death

The passengers in an aerial tramway are trapped when the tramway breaks down 8500 feet in the air.

The passengers in an aerial tramway are trapped when the tramway breaks down 8500 feet in the air. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Skyway to Death torrent reviews

Ankit C (us) wrote: made it to the top of "movies Not to watch before you die" list...

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Adnan B (fr) wrote: Decent copy of Oldboy. Not your typical Hindi movie

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David F (it) wrote: Average farce with great characters and beautiful scenery. The comedy is perhaps a little unsophisticated - it's no "Noises Off", that's for sure - but the cast is so appealing they almost get away with it.

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Jo Y (es) wrote: I like Steve McQueen

Mike B (ru) wrote: Effectively chilling and excellent tension build-up. The final twist is a bit predictable, but quite effective. As to story implausibilities -- I have seen much worse.

Tony D (mx) wrote: Could have been much better, as the current TV series proved to be way superior than this Faux Pas of a superhero movie

Jerome K (us) wrote: A classic murder mystery film that holds up pretty well (though some may be disappointed by the lack of thrills). Because of the size of the ensemble, we only get brief moments with each character, but the star-studded cast easily makes each one memorable. Most of the film is spent on establishing the various characters' backgrounds and their interviews with Detective Poirot. Then the last half hour is basically Poirot giving a long speech. Things turn out to be a lot more complicated than they appear and those who are able to get invested will find it quite intriguing.

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Brad S (ca) wrote: This is a great short doc on Werner Herzog who bet Errol Morris, that if Morris got his first movie made, Herzog would eat his own show. Herzog follows through on his bet and makes for a very interesting documentary, and it also got the career of Oscar winning filmaker Erroll Morris started. Check it out!