A day in the life of Austin, Texas as the camera roams from place to place and provides a brief look at the overeducated, the social misfits, the outcasts and the oddballs.

Presents a day in the life in Austin, Texas among its social outcasts and misfits, predominantly the twenty-something set, using a series of linear vignettes. These characters, who in some ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenny V (fr) wrote: What the...? I swear, as corny as the storyline was I just couldnt wait to see the actor/actress botch it up too. Seriously, it is such a cliche story and Neil's acting is bad as it is. Deepika was tolerable but if it wasn't for Neil's good looks, I probably would have given up halfway.

Paul D (de) wrote: This seems to be a re-write of everything you've heard and seen about radical clerics and British suicide bombers in the last 10 years - it's very thoughtless and one-dimensional in this respect, although it presents its political arguments with a balance. The action scenes are fatally dull for this film and genre.

Patrick R (us) wrote: Helps if your a fan of his topical/political comedy. I am therefore 5 stars. This is Lewis at his angriest.

Joe B (jp) wrote: Lets hope that's the last time they are 'together again'. Enough said !!

Alex V (au) wrote: As charming as the original.

Devon C (au) wrote: it was good but kinda cheesy

Nicole M (de) wrote: Uncle Sam creeps me out!

Lee M (fr) wrote: A conceptual film about con artists, Mamet's feature debut is a deadpan, deviously comic melodrama that proceeds with twists and reversals and builds like a poker game in which the stakes are higher and higher.

laurie r (br) wrote: it was old but burt looked good in it, lol

Kevin B (jp) wrote: Interesting and uber-violent set pieces are cool to watch, but there's no value in the narrative, the performances, or scenes in which an undead creature isn't being rent asunder.

Stuart P (kr) wrote: An expertly observed movie that puts the viewer squarely into the world of a teenage girl's burgeoning sexuality.