Slaughter on Tenth Avenue

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue

A rookie assistant DA is assigned to investigate the murder of a longshoreman, killed for exposing gangster involvement on the piers, and meets up with a "code of silence" amongst all potential witnesses.

A brave longshoreman lingers on after being gunned down by 3 racketeers, as a determined assistant D.A. searches hard for fearful witnesses against the men. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (au) wrote: As good as any of those Hollywood-produced date flicks. Which isn't really saying a whole lot.

N M (gb) wrote: Visually stunning, excellent performances and absorbing story until an absolutely preposterous ending . I'd probably still watch it just for the look of it. Besides the ridiculous ending, the other shocker is Marisa Berenson - so much plastic surgery with monstrous lips I did not recognize her until saw her name in the credits.

Jason E (ag) wrote: There are moments of true comedy in this film but overall I felt the story was under developed and lacked the depth needed to be credible.

Danny B (us) wrote: Uninspired look at members of a medieval live action RPG,on and off-field. Interesting, but better suited for a short.

Marc G (br) wrote: I spent most of the movie trying to figure out what the motivation was for any of the things the characters did.

darren b (fr) wrote: classic 80's sketch comedy. is a bit hit and miss but when it hits you can expect plenty of laughs. stand out moments are don 'no soul' simmons, arsenio hall's slapstick bad day and michelle pfiefer and peter horton's (remember him from 30 something) missing new born baby.

Bjorn O (br) wrote: Bigfoot mondo som inte r det roligaste man sett

Kieran F (de) wrote: This is another good Snoopy Film with great animation and humor for all ages. Maybe the only low is though that the story is almost TOO heavy a story for a peanuts story it's surprisingly sad and when I watched this I almost wondered if the hurt that charlie Brown felt of Snoopy leaving was just A LITTLE to heavy for even little kids. Other then that though the film is very enjoyable and story. The story is about Snoopy getting a letter in the mail from his previous owner(who Charlie Brown never knew about when he bought Snoopy) and leaving to find her cause in her letter she tells him she is dying. Snoopy decides to leave and find her. When he finds her she try's to convince him to live with her and leave Charlie Brown. Snoopy decides to go and tell his friends back home that he has decided to stay with her. Snoopy get's home and tells Charlie Brown who is very saddened but understands Snoopy's decisions to go with it he decides to throw a going away party for Snoopy and have all his Peanut friends come over. While there they all give Snoopy presents and share a few tears. After Snoopy has packed up he heads off to see his Old/New owner but this time alone (No Woodstock). BUT upon arriving at her home Snoopy finds a sign that says "No Dogs Aloud"(A little joke throughout the film cause every time snoopy wanted to do something he couldn't because of the sign but this time it's helping him do something he DIDN'T want to do) and explains to his Old/New Owner that he can not stay(also to his delight upon finding out that she has a cat)and heads home. Upon arriving at home he starts to Whistle a tune to get the attention of Woodstock who follows through and the two head back to meet the peanuts who are over rapture d to see him. BUT upon arriving Snoopy decides he want's all the things he loaned to his friends back.(A little bit of a humerus moment) The friends feel disgusted and leave Snoopy alone at home and all say to Charlie Brown "He's YOUR DOG CHARLIE BROWN" as the leave Snoopy decides to put on some music and the credits role. I loved the film because of the emotion in it. I also thought that seeing Snoopy as the main character was great and that it was fun to look at the animation. I think if I was to find something wrong with the film it would be that it doesn't quite feel....right when it ends. but that's only minor.

Rikki C (gb) wrote: Love the songs and adore Frank Sinatra in this- very moving performance

william w (br) wrote: still prefer Sean Connery as Bond, but that aside its a good bond movie with Paul McCartney's song live and let die a classic Bond theme.

Blake P (ca) wrote: Now that Woody Allen's claimed Emma Stone as his latest muse (though I still miss Scarlett Johansson), I'm waiting for the day when he'll put her in something more "Midnight in Paris" than "Scoop." Not that I didn't like "Magic in the Moonlight" - it was a scrumptious summertime treat despite its overwhelming fluffiness - it's just that Stone, as cinema's current (and arguably) greatest brainy (and beautiful) leading lady, is deserving to work with a genius when he's at his most inspired. "Magic" was all charm and no memorability; last year's "Irrational Man," the latest release for Allen and Stone both, is all high concept without the convincing delivery to make it stick. It revolves around a storyline I could never quite accept, either because the perceived anti-hero behind most of the madness is always made out to be more than he actually is, or because the drive pushing the plot is too contrived for its own good. No matter; like other minor works from Allen, it's more akin to filler than to worthwhile entertainment. Joaquin Phoenix, slightly insufferable, plays Abe Lucas, a controversial philosophical writer who has recently taken a job as a professor at a quaint university in a fictional New England town. In the midst of an existential crisis, he's unhealthily introverted, the staff meeting him with raised eyebrows, his students unsure what to think of him. But his life is given something of a purpose by Jill (Emma Stone), a bright-eyed student whose spirited writing makes her somewhat of an object of affection. Jill, a fan of Abe's work before he even arrived on campus, is delighted by his attention toward her - almost immediately is a connection formed. A relationship soon ensues, prompting her to abandon a romance with a much more stable student closer in age (Jamie Blackley). Just as soon as we're about to come to the conclusion that the storyline is going nowhere, though, things take a turn for the juicy. During a lunch date at a local diner, Abe and Jill overhear a disconcerting conversation from the table behind them, in which a woman describes losing a custody battle because of an unethical judge. Our leads are revolted, disgusted by the power a single man can hold over a working woman's life. Jill, like most would in the situation, is only temporarily disturbed, ready to move on with her own life within a few days; Abe, on the other hand, becomes obsessed with the matter. After some contemplation, he decides that the best thing to do is to kill the judge, not mind his own business or drown in his own sympathy. The sudden thirst to make "right" leaves Abe happier than he's ever been - finally, he feels as though he's needed. From this point on, the film becomes questionable, turning its back on its supposed leading character and upping Jill to the status of a quasi-detective heroine. But by the time Jill discovers just what her new lover has done, I found myself to be strangely disconnected from "Irrational Man" as a whole - it's an assumed-to-be black comedy without the comedy, sitting somewhere between forced rom-com and moral drama. I suppose it tries to be light - most of Allen's dialogue is markedly witty (as expected), and an incessantly upbeat jazz score fills up most transitions - but it's too blackened to ever really work. Its hypothetical scenario is too broad to take on, and Phoenix's performance only brings out Abe's erraticism more. Where is the supremely interesting, mysterious man Jill brags about to her parents? All we see is a self-regarding intellect too into himself to get attached to. It's all very intolerable. "Irrational Man" is the rare Woody Allen movie to escape my liking (even at his worst, I still tend to leave the theater happy). Stone is, as always, a wonderful leading lady, captivating even when the film isn't. But a misguided movie is something even a terrific actress can't save - avoid "Irrational Man" even if you figure yourself to be a fan of those involved.