Darryn Welch's explosive thriller SLAVE follows young American couple Georgie (Natassia Malthe) and David (Sam Page) as they visit David's father Robert's stunning Spanish villa, hoping to get his blessing on their marriage. The relationship between the father and son is strained at best, not helped by the dark skeletons of Robert's criminal past. When left to their own devices the couple embark on a hedonistic night out, with seedy nightclub owner Marlon (a cameo by 'king of hedonism' Howard Marks) offering the full VIP treatment. Georgie and David are separated for a brief moment, but in that brief moment their lives are changed forever... and David is set on a course to uncover some troubling family truths.

Fianc├ęs Georgie and David head to Spain to get a wedding blessing from David's father, who has lived a criminal life. On a debauched night out, the couple are separated for only a few ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Slave torrent reviews

Heather M (fr) wrote: I will not be watching this one.

Mary B (it) wrote: Incredible acting by Streep and the rest of the cast. The level of dysfunction and total disrespect for each other in this family is at times completely overwhelming and very hard to watch.

Sam G (jp) wrote: This is another Futurama movie, it was full of original laughs and gags, the story however wasn't as strong as the first movie but it's still a must see for fans.

Wendy C (jp) wrote: A really good film, but I felt so uncomfortable and suffocating of the dense atmosphere filled the film. A shroud of psychological horror comes to its extreme in the end. I felt so pity toward the Papin sisters, as I knew it's a true story... BTW, Jodhi May acting Lea was so sweet!!

Nirav P (es) wrote: A beautiful movie about the condition of India

Rob C (gb) wrote: Sexy Blaxploitation star Pam Grier is on fire once again as Foxy Brown, a woman with a glint of vengeance in her eye for the one's who murdered her boyfriend after a tip-off from her no good drug-dealing brother, Link Brown (Antonio Fargas). Foxy goes undercover as a prostitute in order to weed out these so-called murderer's and exact extreme justice on them. Back when Pam Grier was undeniabley one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in cinema, Foxy Brown shows her in true form to that statement. Director Jack Hill knows how to expose Grier in such magnificent fashion, she encompasses everything that is bad-ass in cinema today from a woman. And she can do it without losing that air of sexiness from her persona. However, one thing I couldn't quite grasp was the main villians of the film, obviously being of white minority, but not having that look of venom to them. They were pretty much unbelievable in their roles and should have been replaced with actors of more vicious attire. But, Foxy Brown does exact revenge in the most hideous of fashion, that this film get's all it's stars just for her alone.

Qi Z (kr) wrote: The mystery of human condition -- why happiness and fulfillment is so hard to find and maintain.

Sean W (br) wrote: With the exception of a few great sight gags, this movie is a forced sequel that doesn't at all have the energy or fun of THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR. Here the big event is a football game that while having a few funny moments, doesn't even come close to the Basketball game in the original.

Paul N (ag) wrote: It wasn't a bad film, but I expect better from Neil Marshall. Even in the context of a sci-fi film, I expect the plot and action to be believable, and this just wasn't. Good action though.

Anthony V (au) wrote: Nice Hitchcock like movie.