Slave Tears of Rome: Part One

Slave Tears of Rome: Part One

Julia is the ultimate evil stepmother, beautiful and devious. She dupes her noble born step daughter Nora into a journey that ends with her being kidnapped and sold to Julia's beautiful ...

Julia is the ultimate evil stepmother, beautiful and devious. She dupes her noble born step daughter Nora into a journey that ends with her being kidnapped and sold to Julia's beautiful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Slave Tears of Rome: Part One torrent reviews

farah k (au) wrote: i like this movie very much..

John F (ru) wrote: Of all the Eating Out movies, this is the one to watch. It is well written and deals with many LGBT issues through comedy (that's actually funny). It also doesn't stuff overtly superficial ideals down your throat, which is a huge plus in my opinion. However, it does have its faults. Parts of the movie are little more than a softcore porno, some of the chemistry between the characters is unconvincing and depending on the viewer, it could be offensive. All in all, I still recommend this film, just don't come into it with high expectations.

Abdulkader A (ca) wrote: suprisingly liked this movie, its a bit slow but shows racism at its truest. how even we indian decendants are racist!

IOnell S (br) wrote: En casi la primera mitad de la peli no se entienda nada el porque de todo ese rollo... es hasta despues de las 3 1/4 partes donde se empieza a poner interesante y comienza a haber una conexion entre los personajes. Pero hay papeles innecesarios que para mi se podra haber prescindido de ellos, como el de Ralph Fiennes y la Penelope (que a pesar de todo actuaron muy bien) porque sus historias no conectan en un 100% con la principal (la de Kristin y Damian Lewis). Bueno al menos fue entretenida.

Carl B (br) wrote: An interesting film that seems to be striving for the kind of magical realism of authors like Garcia Marquez and realized successfully in "Like Water for Chocolate" but it misses a bit here as it trys to blend with satire and film noir. An enjoyable film but it suffers, I think, from trying a bit too hard to be too many things.

Tom H (gb) wrote: Weird comedy where a man born again trough reincarnation end up falling in love with his own daughter. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of stuff in the middle that i found amusing, but that ending where the mom (who knows that it is the girls father reincarnated) literally approves the match up between father and daughter. No blood relation but still!

Carlos I (it) wrote: Still such a great slasher. Proud Canadian film too... lol. It's great to have all that uncut footage back in the movie now, even if it looks rough as hell...

Douglas G (br) wrote: There were variations on Dracula, Frankenstein, and Werewolves but Blacula was one of the best of the bunch. The casting was good the stories made sense and they didn't degrade Black people. I would love to see a remake of these bad boys!

Dax D (es) wrote: A good ending, but all and all, pretty dull.

Kyle M (br) wrote: If there's a deeper meaning to this neorealist Italian masterpiece, I don't think I got or understood the meaning. Although, I do see the journey of the story attempting to tell the meaning with hints. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Jay B (de) wrote: These two are uproarious together. Dive into all of there pairings ... at least once.

Matthew C (fr) wrote: Long, long ago...If this film had a decent budget or script or might have been a fun little flick.Honestly, I didn't expect a work of genius here, but I had hoped that I would have some fun with this one. It had a crazy-weird plot about time-traveling scientists who go back to medieval Europe. Fun right? Dumb, but fun! Unfortunately I was wrong. Timeline featured a cast of then newcomers such as Paul Walker and Gerard Butler. They were definitely not in top form here. There may have been something salvageable in this mess if they would've brought some levity to the occasion, but unfortunately, they allowed the wooden dialogue to swallow them up. That brings me to the writer. First-time scripter as George Nolfi may have been, I wish he had brought a more playful tone to this very stupid sci-fi plot. When the audience was given the huge time-traveling-to-medieval-times-via-a-round-ball-of-mirrors pill to swallow, someone should have had the courtesy to give them a little comedy water to help it go down better instead of playing their literally unbelievable exposition completely straight. Also, despite bumping into "historical" figures and time-traveling and all that, once the main "heroes" found the professor they were looking for in the past, they weren't given anything interesting to do at all. Somehow, this time-traveling, medieval, epic yarn was eliciting yawns from me. Boo! Bad form!Way, way back in 2004 when this movie was made, notable filmmaker Richard Donner (the original Superman and The Goonies) decided to use little-to-no cgi to tell his Timeline tale. Artistic integrity! Unfortunately, that meant we were stuck looking at small, antiquated "castles" and hastily-built, Hollywood "medieval villages" that were incapable of denoting any sense of scale or epic-ness. It really looked like the filmmakers were essentially filming some medieval reenactments or slightly up-scaled larping meetings (not far from the truth). Also, the very historically accurate garments worn by the various denizens of times past look very much like cheap costumes of the Once Upon a Time variety. There was no sense of a lived-in, greasy, medieval environment at all.Ultimately, a likable cast may have helped this one, but I think that at the time this film was shot, these actors were incapable of being likable or, you know, having charisma. Alas, they were the last nail in the coffin to an already boring script being realized by an aging director with boring ideas of how to make an action, sci-fi flick. How great would it have been if he approached this more like Superman or Goonies...or even Lethal Weapon!