Slednecks 13

Slednecks 13

Once again the Slednecks team has taken snowmobiling to a whole new level. The Slednecks 13 snowmobile video DVD features some of the most progressive riding our cameras have ever caught on film. Heath Frisby returns to the film series with the goal of winning Gold at X. Chris Burandt's technical tree lines will leave you speechless. Paul Thacker and Cory Davis turn Alaska into a playground. Dan Treadway, Chris Brown, and Geoff Kyle rip up some of the deepest powder ever to hit British Columbia, while Cody Borchers and Brett Turcotte take freestyle tricks to the backcountry. Slednecks 13 also introduces a new star that is redefining backcountry riding with amazing drops and technical lines. Shot on beautiful High Definition, the cinematography is almost as good as the riding. Slednecks 13 is the best film they have made in years!.....

A winter on the road with the world's most extreme snowmobilers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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