Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

Apartment concierge Cesar is a miserable person who believes he was born without the ability to be happy. As a result, he decides his mission is to make life hell for everyone around him. A majority of the tenants are easy to agitate, but Clara proves to be harder than the most. So Cesar goes to creepy extremes to make this young woman mentally break down. Things get even more complicated in this twisted relationship when her boyfriend, Marcos, shows up.

You wake day after day to the comfort and security of your home. But how safe is it really? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rony P (ca) wrote: A neo-masterpiece from Vishal Bharadwaj. Also the most radical retelling of Shakespeare I've seen.

Joel A (de) wrote: An unusually simple but incredibly effective light film staring a career turning performance by French Beauty Marion Coulitard.The story of a woman at the end of her nervous breakdown finding out that her job has offered staff two options to fire her or have a bonus. The film follows her as she connects with all staff over the weekend to encourage them to let her stay despite loosing their bonus. Your heart as a viewer really goes to her & thanks to Marion's sensational performance you just want her to succeed.

Andy D (kr) wrote: A masterpiece! Story telling at its absolute best. Thank you Martin Scorsese!

Bruno C (fr) wrote: need to rewatch...definitely moments of brilliance by Soderbergh, if not all around a brilliant, off-the-wall, surrealist, hilarious film

Jonathan D (ag) wrote: Ok film but weak when compared to the latest prequel.

John W (ag) wrote: Starring Ronald Colman, Helen Hayes and Myrna Loy. This film version of Sinclair Lewis' novel is by no means terrible. It boasts some strong performances in telling the story of Dr. Martin Arrowsmith (Colman). The good doctor forgoes private practice to seek a cure for the bubonic plague in the West Indies. Hayes is Colman's devoted wife, Loy the seductive temptress who distracts him from his duties. The film suffers from being overly ambitious and is weighed down by an unfocused screenplay. Directed by John Ford.

Brian S (es) wrote: This movie really reminds me of Saw 2 : strangers waking up in an unknown place, hidden signs everywhere and an intense and deadly situation. Overall, Cube was satisfying, the acting is actually pretty good for a super low budget movie, and, the Cube effects are pretty fancy, although sometimes pretty cluncky and cheap. The script of this flick is probably the movie's biggest flaw. But the deaths scenes are by far spectacular and there's suspense in there too. A cult classic for sure, I'm curious to find out what the remake will be like. Recommended !!

Darren B (br) wrote: Fantastic little Canadian flick about a Harbour town who try to scheme a Doctor into staying long term so they can have a factory built to provide jobs.The Newfoundland scenery is breathtaking!!