The mystery stage play by Anthony Shaffer was adapted by the author into this stylish film from director Joseph L. Manciewicz. Laurence Olivier stars as Andrew Wyke, a best-selling author of detective fiction living in a grand 16th century mansion. Andrew is visited by Milo Tindle (Michael Caine), owner of a hair salon chain, and reveals to his guest that he's aware of Milo's affair with his wife Marguerite. Rather than being vengeful, however, Andrew professes he's glad to be rid of his troublesome spouse. To avoid paying heavy alimony, Andrew suggests that Milo disguise himself as a clown and steal his wife's expensive jewelry. That way Marguerite and Milo can obtain financial security while Andrew claims the loss on his insurance and all walk away rich. Andrew's plan is a devious one, however, designed to toy with his wife's lover, and a series of deceptions and counter-deceptions are launched in which nothing is as it seems.

A man who loves games and theater invites his wife's lover to meet him, setting up a battle of wits with potentially deadly results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark W (ru) wrote: Finally got around to watching this and, yes, it's brilliant. Fellini-esque (which is the highest praise indeed)

Edward K (gb) wrote: this movie was creepy and was an ok movie

Grethe Therese S (fr) wrote: Seen this movie. One of the greatest psychological thrillers I've seen.

Dawn B (nl) wrote: Why did she have to stop and see her ex at the end! Why???

Rita K (fr) wrote: A beautiful tale about selfish Communist parents, (Yes, that's what I said!), and the innocence of a pre-teen girl. The entire film focuses on the paradox of life. Philosophically wonderful! Nina Kervel is incredible.

Matt F (kr) wrote: Oddly, I couldn't sit through this movie.

Mel K (nl) wrote: i cry everytime i watch this.

Sarah (jp) wrote: Meh. Okay i guess. David's character was really annoying.

Dorian J (nl) wrote: I will have to say that this was a highly interesting film. DiCaprio's performance was completely unexpected! I knew that he was supposed to be playing a gay role in this film, with Harry Potter, co-star David Thewlis, however, I wasn't expecting it to go as far as it did. The film was okay, I thought that the dialogue was mediocre, but acting was convincing. A tad to convincing, like the acting in "Milk". Lol!

Patrick R (nl) wrote: Engagingly sweet snack from Eric Rohmer about two young women --- one from the French countryside and one, a native of Paris. They meet, become friends, and then become roommates in Paris. Like much of Rohmer's work, there isn't much of a plot her, and little in the way of epiphany or climax. This is about hanging out with these two women as they go through the ups and downs of daily life. There's a mild tone of humor, but you don't watch this for laughs. It's, well, as I said, like hanging out with them for a few days.

Adrienne R (ru) wrote: This was a great daringlove story for 1982. Patrice Donnelly was hot in this movie. I can't believe there isn't a photo of her anywhere on the web????

Jacqueline W (nl) wrote: i love these movies!

Mikhail B (mx) wrote: In another nutty professor movie Robin Williams madly in love with chemistry and slightly infatuated with Marcia Gay Harden, invents flying rubber, the so-called Flubber, that helps him shove off criminals and get rich after selling it to Ford Corporation. It's one of the first experiments with complicated computer imaging that doesn't look too good now.

Matt C (fr) wrote: Could watch this over and over. Love the three main characters--Sully, Boo, and Mike Wizowski!

Deke P (au) wrote: Seen it a time and a half maybe on tv yrs after came out. Maybe wd hv bn more interesting in theater. A 2 or 4 major improbabilities. But kind of thrilling.

Farron K (kr) wrote: The one that made Vin Diesel a household name. Also known as the only reason anyone knows who Rammstein are. After 12 years, this movie still holds up as an enjoyable summer action film. The CG is dated and the soundtrack is buried in Industrial and Nu Metal, but it actually seems to help it be the dumb run-and-gun romp that it is. The action scenes are honestly more enjoyable than the stuff you'll see in most movies today, and aside from the avalanche, it's all real effects. Vin does a good job delivering his one-liners, the love interest is the typical Bond Girl (in a good way), and for a 2-hour Michael Bay-ish movie the script is pretty solid. A few continuity errors pop up, such as how XXX would know that the boat has 30 minutes before it reaches it destination, but they're not a huge deal. Overall, the style and action of this movie explains why I watched it to the point of being physically sick of it in 2003. Worth a watch.