In this horror anthology, five filmmakers offer a quintet of terrifying tales: torture-driven short "The Exterminator;" zombie-infused Western "The Range;" hiking-trip-gone-grossly-wrong trek "Turnout;" female-vampire thriller "Night Scream;" and reanimation romance "Dead Letters."

Both an homage and a new look to the old style anthology films. Five different films, five different styles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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IOnell S (kr) wrote: Tuvo sus momentos divertidos pero los personajes quedan opacados por las malas actuaciones de los de reparto. Sobre actuado diria yo.

jing b (br) wrote: Betty white at her best. I cried....

Ej S (nl) wrote: Very comical, well put together film.

Kyle B (ag) wrote: I really loved this movie. Chris Columbus is a director I really think gets a lot of unwarranted flack but I have enjoyed a lot of his work. I think this is my favorite performance from Susan Sarandon even above Dead Man Walking. She's heartbreaking, sweet, and also passionate as a defensive mom that doesn't have my faith in her husband's new girlfriend. Julia Roberts is also wonderful in this and the dynamics between Roberts and Sarandon is what keeps you really captivated. Ed Harris is good but plays second fiddle to these wonderful performances. Jenna Malone and Liam Aiken are also wonderful as the kids of Sarandon and Harris and its great to see that they continued on to do great work as the grew up. I don't think the movie was overly soapy at all, I actually wish more movies like this were made these days with juicy roles in family stories. I feel like this movie is a perfect window to the struggles of divorce and captured the frustrations of life perfectly. I think this movie's mixed reviews were unwarranted and I highly recommend this film, I didn't want it to end.

Zack T (us) wrote: How Mel Brooks turned something like the Spanish Inquisition into a musical number is beyond me.

Marjie P (nl) wrote: Might not have been in the right mood for this movie at the time.

Nelson M (jp) wrote: Man of Iron is one of the greatest political films of all time. Serving as an allegory to Lech Walesa's rise with the Polish Solidarity movement, Man of Iron goes back and forth in time in order to tell us the story of Tomczyk and his rise to prominence against the Communist regime in Poland. The structure of the film is a lot like Citizen Kane as it is told through a series of interviews about the so called Man of Iron's life and works. As a reflection to Lech Walesa, who is in the film, it works immensely and tells a fascinating political story of hope and solidarity with all workers. This is a film not to be missed and should be watched when given the chance.

Rob L (gb) wrote: Not much to say about this boring Garbo film. Still she's not too bad in it.

Wes S (jp) wrote: This starts off being so bad that its good, but by the end it gets slow and less interesting. It's extremely flawed, and of course it's going to be historically flawed, just look at the title, but it's a lot of fun. Acting isn't too good, and the effects are typical for an Asylum picture, but the plot is decent for the most part. I did particularly like the little twist ending.