Slightly Honorable

Slightly Honorable

A lawyer is framed for the murder of a young party girl and tries to clear his name.

A lawyer is framed for the murder of a young party girl and tries to clear his name. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Slightly Honorable torrent reviews

Joyce C (ru) wrote: It really gave a lot of inside on what was really going on in their community. Inspiring and powerful. Loved the energy and performance! Very much worth the watch!

Rick B (ca) wrote: Leelee RULES!! This movie is beautiful, touching, funny and I wish Leelee would touch me. :D

Gal E (it) wrote: During my teen years, I watched this movie at least ten times. Since it came out, I think my total came closer to 25. And I was surprised to see it got such low ratings. I can only assume the religious right is responsible, because any person who can take things lightly, and can accept satire as a valid type of entertainment, you would enjoy watching it very much.This work of art was a climactic point in the career of Kevin Smith. In just 5 years he rose from a cinema student to a star Director and actor, and the way he did it is truly amazing. He took the concept of the new testament, and wrote another book. Obviously in good humour, but his story actually made sense. That is why so many people watched it.Smith avoids wasting money on special effects, even though this was their golden age. This is also a point of strength, since he clearly gets the job done.After Clerks, people grew to expect a lot for Kevin Smith. And indeed, the story is well written and well told. I especially like the biblical like clash between the prophets and the false prophets.I think there are two many stars to name in this movie, but Alan Rickman as an Archangel, and George Carlin as a non believer portraying a cardinal, is the ones I liked best.Even though this movie is meant to be a light humorous way to relax, criticize or mock some ideas if that's what your'e into, as you watch it more than once you realize it has layers. It takes the dogma of the Catholic church and ridicules it not to mock but to show how people would take an idea that is meant only for good, and would turn evil, as they are misguided and follow blindly anyone who offers them peace.Given my introduction I assume you could guess that nothing short of A++ would be my grade for this awesome piece of entertainment. 17 years later, I am still waiting for Dogma 2.

Mauro V (it) wrote: Hou enplena transicion hacia lo sublime.

Dave C (au) wrote: More killer babies go on the rampage and now Frank (the father from the first film) is trying to protect them. This is very similar to the first film, but at least this time around a bit more time is spent on the babies, even if the special effects haven't improved.

Momin K (au) wrote: Shiny red handcuffs need i say more

Kilo D (kr) wrote: Stunning. Unbelievable. There's sparkling originality every moment in Kenneth Anger's masterpiece of an odyssey that's so ahead of its time it aches. Beautiful, illustrious, and psychedelic "Inauguration of the Please Dome" is unforgettable.

Eva M (gb) wrote: A few good songs, but for me it can't hold a candle to Calamity Jane. :)

Linda B (jp) wrote: this is a good movie.

Facebook U (it) wrote: A psychopathic mother of two can't stand home life anymore and hookup with a lazy imbecile that found a gun on the side of the road. The gun was actually lost by the policeman that happens to be the dad of the psychopath mom. The pair is awfully inept at being bad as much as they were at being good. Funnily, all the african-americans in the film are more intelligent and law abiding than the whities. Digitally enhanced make the film's colours look normal.