"Slip" is the story of Sarah, a young woman who witnessed her mother's murder as a child. Now grown, Sarah is haunted by her mother's memory, her restless soul, opening a gateway for the spirits of the recently departed. Sarah is compelled to do their bidding so their souls may rest in peace. One of these souls leads her to Cal, a young car thief who is one car away from going legit. Unfortunately, Cal is wrongfully accused of stealing from his partners and now they want him dead.Sarah, drawn by the spirit of Cal's murdered nephew, becomes an avenging angel, awakening a dark spirit of her past while risking all to save a total stranger. Now in a race for their lives as well as their souls, Cal and Sarah soon discover that there are far more fearsome things than men with guns.

"Slip" is the story of Sarah, a young woman who witnessed her mother's murder as a child. Now grown, Sarah is haunted by her mother's memory, her restless soul, opening a gateway for the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracks M (us) wrote: Great drama film! Very much like a French New Wave film :)

Jessica M (br) wrote: This movie would have been so much better if it wouldn't have been for the short annoying dude he made this movie worth not wanting to see but other than that it was an OK movie could have been much better if it would not have had that guy in it!!!! he makes this movie so annoying that you just want to shut it off!!!!

Giffy G (jp) wrote: This movie was a really good cry. The actors all brought their a-game and sold their performances, though Bernadette Peters still managed to steal every scene she was in. The movie tells an important true story, but at some point is pure emotional manipulation. I enjoy having my emotions manipulated by stories (it's one of the reasons I see so many movies), but I also understand that it isn't good storytelling. Also, the ending was a huge let-down after the amazingness of the movie that preceeded it. A really really good movie, despite its two noticeable flaws.

Mike V (jp) wrote: With solid performances and brilliant cinematography, this military romance drama has some twists in its ultimately sad tale. AAN 1001

Lewis B (fr) wrote: This Film Is Shot As If It Was Footage From A Video Camera In The Style Of A Snuff Movie. The Plot Revolves Around 3 Serial Killers Filming Themselves Killing People. Themes Such As Rape. Child Abuse, Self-Harming, Vomit Drinking and Necrophilia Are Brought Up Regularly. A Truly Sick Film Which I Probably Wouldn't Watch Again.

Rachel P (gb) wrote: One of my favorite Robert Downey Jr movies!

David R (fr) wrote: this is a horrible movie. there's nothing else to say about it.

Josh M (gb) wrote: One of the best sci-fi/action films ever made and Schwarzenegger is a straight bad ass! The Predator gives a new meaning to the word "alien" and is probably the best fictional monster ever created.

Kevin R (fr) wrote: For the first time, I began to have my doubts.A detective is investigating a murder case where a beautiful singer who appears to be the obvious culprit claims the victim is still alive. She claims to have proof and takes the investigator on a mission to help her prove her innocence. Is the singer telling the truth or stringing the investigator along?"I was getting desperate."Edgar Ulmer, director of Detour, The Black Cat, People on Sunday, The Strange Woman, The Amazing Transparent Man, Hannibal (1959), and Club Havana, delivers Murder is My Beat. The storyline for this picture is very interesting and the script is well written. The cast delivers solid performances and includes Paul Langton, Barbara Payton, Robert Shayne, and Roy Gordon."Don't be so sensitive, it doesn't look good on you."I came across this film on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and had to DVR it. It was a clever film and I enjoyed watching it unfold. There were also some fun settings and shots. The overall film is not perfect, but is definitely entertaining and worth a viewing."That girl was working both sides."Grade: B-

Andrew S (de) wrote: A servicable low rent sci fi. The first half hour is really quite good, up until the point the robots show up and all menace is undermined by their tin can appearence.

Evan K (ca) wrote: Paisan, Rossellini's masterpiece, offers a more negative take on the Church than his prior film, Open City. Throughout the film, there are segments portraying individuals trying to overcome cultural differences and come to an understanding amid the chaos and destruction of war. Earlier segments are set in grim and dark urban areas. However, the church segment in Paisan is set in an idyllic countryside setting. The opening segment's narration speaks of bitter fighting in the area, and the soundtrack is full of gunshots and explosions. However, the ringing of church bells quickly drowns out the sounds of war. The location and lack of action seem to be a condemnation of the Church, suggesting disconnection between it and the struggles of the Italian civilians during this time.The segment revolves around the arrival of three army chaplains at the monastery. The monks talk about how nice all the chaplains are, but they are disturbed to learn that only one is Catholic - the other two are Protestant and Jewish. There is a lengthy segment where the priests run about spreading the news, culminating in a priest dropping to his knees and begging the Lord's protection with a Jew amongst them. The monks fear for the non-Catholic chaplains' souls and confront the American Catholic, who echoes the wide acceptance of Don Pietro in Open City. However, this moment is undercut at the conclusion of the film when the American Catholic praises the monks for their faith during fasting - a "humble sacrifice" to save the Protestant and the Jew. He even blames his lack of the same commitment due to his exposure to the horrors of war. Despite this dubious last declaration, the American has a tolerant view shaped by the trauma of the real world that he has experienced. The Italians are incapable of having that same understanding even after the American makes it explicit. In a film about acceptance, the isolated monks are hopelessly intolerant of other religions.

Scott C (nl) wrote: This was incredibly cheap-looking and depressing. Just icky rather than scary.

Charlie G (gb) wrote: Kept moving. Very involved edge of your seat.

Andy G (ca) wrote: in secret is a OK drama about a adopt girl forced to marry into family and the death of her husband. Good performances by Jessica Lange and Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Felton. B- (2014)

Farah R (us) wrote: The only memorable part of the movie is Angelina Skokie stripping.

Deb S (ru) wrote: This is a gritty police story of crime and corruption in the police force based partially on a true story revolving around a young black cop J.J. Johnson (MICHEAL BOATMAN), the first black officer who is sent to an all-white Los Angeles station for his first assignment. The black rookie encounters not-so-subtle racism and at first tries to fit in by covering up certain corrupt practices within his department but then he is drawn into a plot to falsify evidence against a supposed murderer (ICE CUBE). He is teamed up with Lori Petty, the only female deputy who helps J.J in his investigation. As a much deeper conspiracy is uncovered, J.J and Petty tries to uncover the truth behind the false prosecution of Ice Cube and finds themselves trapped between the wheels of the conspirators and the legal system, both of which they are sworn to serve. Great cast of actors including Richard Anderson, M. Emmet Walsh, Bernie Casey (is good as Ice Cube's lawyer) and Elliott Gould and Michael Ironside who is chilling as one of the corrupt officers!

Chris G (jp) wrote: I just.....don't.....know.

David H (fr) wrote: Amazing film, faith, science and a nice play dialectic