Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Wet

Surf documentary

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surfing,  

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Slippery When Wet torrent reviews

Gabe S (us) wrote: Declawing is an inhumane, barbaric practice. Support of this cruelty is shameful.

Kim H (nl) wrote: Wonderful from start to finish

Mark R (it) wrote: Three stories, three women, two male directors and one dude in an orange shirt. Pretty raw like most of Sang-soo Hong's shit, but not quite as good. By the time the third story kicks in you might feel like bonking. I almost did. And that's OK. If you're into these types of films then you'll be happy for having started it.

Juliette S (ag) wrote: This is a sweet, feel good movie. I was pleasantly surprised when I took my kids...I thought I was going to have to sit through another 'kid' movie and found myself laughing and crying along with everyone in the audience. It was nice to see a movie that reminds us of values for a change. And the music was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Take your kids and if you don't have kids, take your friends! Juliette S

Sterling F (ru) wrote: A glorious spectical of animation, voice acting and cinema. Beautiful movie.

Kevin S (kr) wrote: WWE superstar John Cena stars as Dan fisher who is a cop and is ready to do his daily routine as an officer when he stops a million dollar heist. While trying to stop the crime the bad guys girlfriend gets killed. A year later the criminal escapes from prison looking for revenge against Danny and kidnaping his girlfriend and having Danny do what he calls 12 rounds where Dan has to go around and do certain task around the city in able for Dan to get his girlfriend back. It's kinda like die hard with a vengeance where the bad guy makes the good guy do certain things kinda like cat and mouse games but I thought they were pretty inventive with it. Solid performances by pretty much the entire cast. I thought it was fast paced and the action was very good and top notch. Overall I thought it was a very good movie. I was surprised at how much I liked and enjoyed it. Did not think at first it was going to be a good movie but after it was over I found out that I was wrong.

Kan R (it) wrote: 50%Why bad guys seems stupid.

Leo C (nl) wrote: It had it's interesting moments. You will get annoyed after hearing the word algae for the hundredth time.

X T (ru) wrote: Not one of Hou's best films, but still a solid outing. This was also more stylistically varied than most of his other films, with many long tracking shots including emphasized POV shots. The story is kind of like a more bleak Millennium Mambo combined with Imamura's Pigs and Battleships (there's even a pig deal scandal subplot) . The Fox Lorber dvd looks like a VHS quality-wise.

Mark D (jp) wrote: Oh dear. Been after this for a while, wish i didnt get excited about seeing it. Basically the plot is Charlotte Lewis gets harrassed by a telephone. Unfortunatly the premise is not as good as it sounds, and like many Italian horror films of the 1980s fails to deliver. Got quite bored, so wouldnt recommend.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Strange, but fascinating 80's spy thriller. Linda Fiorentino is strangely sexy yet again, but her acting needs a bit of work in this. Anthony Edwards plays the pathetic loser... again. (I was also a little psyched by the small role given to Alex Rocco, aka Roger Meyers Jr. from the Simpsons, as Anthony Edwards' father.)

Joanna R (de) wrote: A movie with temperament - the crazed world of the circus sizzle with love, jealousy and violence. Quite theatrical in it's form, it also has the recognizable Bergman atmosphere to it.

Graham M (us) wrote: I have a hard time reconciling the fact that this film was in no way marketed as a comedy, which suggests the frequent moments of stupidity and bad acting are intended to be sincere, making the whole film hilarious as a result. It's basically a Terminator rip-off with some mind-controlled zombies thrown in and a hero called Jack Deth because why the hell not? It's not so much that the story often has plot holes so much as the film being a minefield of plot holes (some even mentioned in the film itself) with the occasional bit of story. There are far too many to dumb moments to list - I would say the only reasons to watch the film are 1) it's a SoBIG (so bad it's good) sci-fi action not-comedy 2) it's only 75 minutes and does pack a lot in its run time 3) the 80s soundtrack and atmosphere are actually pretty decent.

Daniel S (de) wrote: I am going to watch this film tonight