Små citroner gula

Små citroner gula

LOVE AND LEMONS is a romantic comedy about love, friendship and the courage it takes to follow your dreams. The movie is based on the successful novel with the same title by author Kajsa ...

LOVE AND LEMONS is a romantic comedy about love, friendship and the courage it takes to follow your dreams. The movie is based on the successful novel with the same title by author Kajsa ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael C (jp) wrote: Such a great movie, aliens aren't getting away with my attacking my block. Great characters, setting and premise in this Brit import. Love this flick.

Loopy H (mx) wrote: This was a really crappy film with bad acting and an even worse script. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Candace B (gb) wrote: I have to say that Cheri Christian has to be the most emotionless actor that I've seen in a while. Every line that she delivered, every emotion on her face was just so flat and fake that I got irritated every time she had a line or they even showed her face. I think that if they had a different person in her role, this movie may have been better

Ricardo V (us) wrote: the film reminds me of a robert altman film in that it surrounds the lives of a group of people and sees how their lives intersect and collide. sadly it's a psychotic, unfocused, cheap imitation of altman. the women are all caricatures of women out of control, they do loads of coke, have explicit conversations about sex, have explicit sex, snore more coke, get fired from their jobs, shot homeless people trying to wash their windshields at stop lights, it goes on and on. it's a twisted novella about women so screwed up, you don't care about their fast decent into oblivion. as noted before, that scene where a girl does a huge line of blow, is late for work so hauls balls, feels paranoia, stops at a red light, has a guy try to clean her windshield, she gets so panicked that she grabs her glock and shots the guy was RIDICULOUS! it made no sense, was stupid, she never got in any trouble, never had to go to court, jail, her friends just came and bailed her out. what the hell is going on with the legal system in Mexico?????

Russ B (nl) wrote: 1/17/2014: An excellent cast with an interesting story. Some good action and an interesting twist.

Jared S (es) wrote: Anyone who was never interested in Burroughs will find this documentary surprisingly coherent. Hearing him speak will clarify the style in which you approach his work. The interview featured is brilliant, and the readings, of course, priceless. However, there's a much more interesting and thorough documentary about him called "Burroughs", which I highly recommend if you can find it.

Jay B (ag) wrote: One of the more fun sequels... complete with some of our favorite characters back for another round of goofy, dimwitted humor. If the "6" in the title isn't warning enough, don't hold your expectations too high and you will probably have a good laugh or two.

Wahida K (nl) wrote: There are different werewolf movies and it will be wrong me to say I dont enjoy werewolf movies, I do but this made me yawn.

Jacob S (gb) wrote: Julie Walters is on fire. Also makes you think. >:)

laura b (fr) wrote: Quite boring. Not that interesting, not a great plot. Not the most enjoyable musical.

Pierluigi P (br) wrote: Through music and a god-like point of view, Robert Altman offers us the intimacies of american society in all its wide, kaleidoscopic nature. it's as real and pedestrian as a filmmaker can get without making a documentary, but delving into the same kind of truths.

Antonello F (br) wrote: Great movie, great director and great actors. I enjoy it whenever I watch it.

Paul M (gb) wrote: Truly a classic! This was the first pairing of Loy and Powell, and they are brilliant in it, as is Gable! I can't say enough about it! :)