Small Town Folk

Small Town Folk

High above the tiny hamlet of Grockleton stands Beesley Manor, home to the ominous Landlord and his...shall we say, genetically ambiguent...minions, including Pooch, a cross-eyed marksman, and Dobbin, who likes to drink gasoline. The Landlord keeps a watchful eye over his domain, brutally dispatching any strangers who enter - except for females he needs to (involuntarily) sire a Beesley heir...When three unsuspecting travelers arrive, the Landlord plans to make two of them his trophies and the other his bride...unless they can beat him at his own game.

There is a place... a place called Grockleton, wherein, high on a hill-top stands the lonely Beesley's Manor, governed by the villainous 'Landlord' and his lowly male counterparts (Pooch, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danny M (ru) wrote: This was pretty shit. Didn't really like it

Andy M (mx) wrote: You know when a golden retriever is the best actor in the film it's gonna be a shitter. This was gash from start to finish with horrific acting and low budget as fuck.

Jonathan A (it) wrote: This is one of the greatest stories/films to come out after 2000...Bixby rocks!!!

Pamela D (ca) wrote: A good companion to The Jacket and Jacob's Ladder.

John M (ru) wrote: Great cast, great premise but overlong. Veiled attack on George W. Bush and his administration. Good to see Danny Huston in a lead role.

Jennifer A (kr) wrote: loved very realistic

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Cayo H (ru) wrote: Great cast...great director....amazing movie!

Johnny G (kr) wrote: tv movie, not that good.

Private U (gb) wrote: A bit slow, but excellen story. U get to see a very different side to WW2

Jason K (mx) wrote: Remember when everyone hired Moore for movies? Why was that? PS- 90'sssssss

Peter P (au) wrote: Brilliant acting from Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole, and a great story about friendship and conviction. I can totally see why it was up for so many Oscars.

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