Smash Cut

Smash Cut

Television news celebrity April Carson turns to the services of private investigator Isaac Beaumonde to seek her missing sister, a stripper known as Gigi Spot. Carson assumes a role in a horror movie in the process, eventually learning that the movie's director, Able Whitman, is not only the culprit, but that he has rendered her sister's body into props for the production.

After his latest film is met with horrible reviews, Able Whitman sets out to prove the critics wrong by finding inspiration in his cast and crew. Sometimes great art requires great sacrifice- and the director always gets final cut! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean N (kr) wrote: this should have been a straight to a pile of dog shot movie

Sarfara A (it) wrote: This documentary from Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzman, forces us to rethink about fundamental basis of astronomy and to understand importance of memory of human-beings. Patricio highlights horrors of dictatorship of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, under his dictatorship, thousands of political prisoners civilians were executed, either dumped to seas, or buried in mass-graves, and how some Chilean women are still searching for the remains of their loved ones. Filmed at Atacama Desert of Chile (notable for Mars-like soil, and clear sky, where scientists from various countries come to observe sky). Patricio shows similarities between astronomers' quest of celestial bodies, and women who are searching for remains of their relatives in Atacama Desert. As scientists of astronomy are engaged in observing movements of stars thousands miles away through large telescopes at observatory, women are busy searching remains of their loved ones. Being fan of astronomy myself, I actually find this documentary gripping and impact-full. Remarkably exceptional documentary, that does keep the theme of the title word 'Nostalgia', thrusting us back into fine preserved memory of ancient lives, and sparkling galaxy.

Angie S (ru) wrote: This was so dull. I could not even get through it.

Rick I (ag) wrote: Thr3e gets a 2wo point 5ive

Sean N (fr) wrote: I was expecting the main character to stick a jellyfish in someone's mailbox as a prank

Troy M (kr) wrote: Some good ol' nudity but not much of a story.

Scott R (de) wrote: if you hate someone, recommend this movie to them

Oaks B (de) wrote: Sandy Dennis is utterly spellbinding in this early Robert Altman film in which she plays a rather, ahem, troubled single woman who takes in an attractive young male stranger after seeing him sitting on a park bench in the rain. "That Cold Day In The Park" has a strong, unsettling script keenly focused on the psychological abnormality of its fascinating main characters, and contains some truly unforgettable twists. Shame that the film doesn't also present the viewer with unforgettable images to match: the camerawork and cinematography is often problematic, particularly in its gimmicky overuse of blurred images and viewing the action through objects, and the bulk of the film takes place in dark rooms that are too often just too dark for a film. Altman often seems to have problems with making the structures of his films work, and "That Cold Day In The Park" is no exception. After the film is over one can see the story unfold as a snowball effect of sorts, but while viewing it some good stretches of this quietly horrific film are simply painful, anxiety-causing and tedious.Dennis' brilliant performance of an unforgettable character shines through Altman's directorial drawbacks, though the fact that one can envision "That Cold Day In The Park" as a potential masterwork in the hands of a more assured director does cast this film in a disappointing light. As it stands it is flawed, but unforgettable.

Joel A (fr) wrote: An atrociously bad Cult Horror film about a young man who moves to NYC with a basket that obtains his deformed Siamese Brother.Filled with God Awful acting & bad special effects I think it's only positive in the unintentional humor throughout.Amazingly spawned two sequels & does take its place in horror history, an unusual & unsettling horror flick.