Smile Pretty

Smile Pretty

Nastalia is too young to have experienced many things in life, but as an abused child she has already experienced the darkest side of it. Now a young teen she takes it upon herself to change her life for the better, but the torment that is so interlaced with her childhood will haunt her every step forward.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:child pornography,  

Nastalia is too young to have experienced many things in life, but as an abused child she has already experienced the darkest side of it. Now a young teen she takes it upon herself to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn T (ru) wrote: Well narrated but generally boring.

Jesse O (es) wrote: I've seen several movies where it's this same setting. Two characters who are attracted to each other but are both with another person so they fuck each other behind their partners' backs. I've also seen movies where the people being cheated on are presented as good people, yet you're supposed to root for the people who are fucking around...that's shitty writing quite frankly. How am I supposed to root for the two characters, however in love they may be, when 'good' people are being fucked over? Thankfully that's not the case with this movie, as the characters, right from the very beginning, are presented as selfish dicks who really don't care about hurting anyone as long as they get what they want. And that's what carries the movie. If they were presented in any other way, the movie wouldn't have worked. And I love how, at the beginning, when they start their affair they're so serious about rationalizing what they're doing. As if they were discussing, seriously and sternly, the 19th century existentialist movement. That's where most of the comedy comes from. And that's where the movie really shines, unfortunately once they start taking their affair seriously, that aspect of the movie is gone and the movie just isn't as funny. I still think it's a good movie with some entertaining aspects and the way they build up to the final kiss was good and effective, in spite of fucking over poor Claudio yet again. Anyway good movie, with a decent enough story and enough laughs to carry it even if it peaks way too early.

Amber M (gb) wrote: I like this one to Hayden is soo pretty

Marta R (kr) wrote: Cute, but so not happening in real life...

Andrea R (jp) wrote: Haunting. I would hope that everyone would at least see this once. I also want to say something about how many people are comparing this film to Schindler's list....It's not the same story, so maybe to you Schindler's list is a better movie but there two very different tales. This is a unique Holocaust story because it shows in horrific, graphic, honest detail what really happened inside the Crematoriums.

Samantha S (ag) wrote: I am giving this movie four stars with no remorse. Even though it was a stupid College comedy the actors were good and for some reason I like the plot. I mean, Devon Sawa, Jason Schwartzman, Jason Segel, Laura Prepon, and Jamie king? Awesome.

Jay B (it) wrote: I liked the cast... but that's about it. Not enough going on here for me.

Lee M (gb) wrote: One of Keaton's most daring and electrifying performances, yet the film is strangely off-putting rather than involving. Which is perhaps the point of this none-too-subtle cautionary tale about the dangers of living a hedonistic nightlife masked by a legitimate daylife.

Jeff B (de) wrote: Getting the much-deserved Blu Ray treatment, Peter Bogdanovich's 1930s throwback and kiss to the Golden Age of H'Wood deserves even more acclaim in the wake of The Artist's "Best Picture" win in 2012. The director's deep-seated appreciation for classic American cinema shines throughout, perhaps even more so than with his '30s screwball love letter What's Up Doc. In real life, former film critic Bogdanovich befriended and interviewed every lionized director from George Cukor (The Philadelphia Story) to Howard Hawks (Bringing Up Baby) to Leo McCarey (Duck Soup). And God, does it show. From Lazslo Kovacs' ace black and white cinematography to set designer Polly Platt's period detail to the choice of soundtrack (everything from The Jack Benny Program to the vintage tune "Paper Moon" fills your ears), the film feels as rooted in the Dust Bowl era as John Steinbeck. But then, it dares to channel 1970s sensibilities like foul language and talk of women's problems. In this PG-rated Great Depression-set dramedy, a con man (Ryan O'Neal) finds himself saddled with a young girl (Tatum O'Neal) who may or may not be his daughter and the two forge an unlikely partnership. Tatum O'Neal won the Oscar for this at-times both heartless AND heartfelt romp, but Paper Moon truly is Bogdanovich's show, staking a phenomenal follow-up to The Last Picture Show.Bottom line: Moonstruck

Julie K (jp) wrote: o mastroianni se especializou em papis de homens impotentes. que... curioso. haha.

MEC r (kr) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

jay n (nl) wrote: Cute comedy would have been much better without the annoying Betsy Blair in the lead. Her over eager delivery and puerile ways are hard to take. Diana Lynn, who should have had the lead, is wasted as Betsy's best friend.

Kyle P (au) wrote: So very realistic. A movie with great performances that is actually pretty funny and has great poetic moments. "Not a love story" told through the perspective of a guy who falls into love and the roller coaster of emotion because of it. Recommended for most ages 91% 9/10

WakeWRC89 (gb) wrote: The part Michael Caine played was very farfetched. Not convincing at all. When I looked at the picture on the dvd cover of him with a gun and then read the back about him dispensing his own brand of justice I thought before I put it on... Ime not sure how this is going to work. This is no disrespect to Michael Caine as he is a brilliant actor but hes not suited to a part like this. Liam Neeson comes to mind. That aside not the best of films anyway didnt enjoy. Definitely only a 1 time watch.

Matthew B (gb) wrote: If you thought this movie was scary, then here's something even more scary....a pedophile directed this.