Smoke Over London

Smoke Over London

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Matthew L (gb) wrote: A raw, hard-hitting prison drama about a new inmate trying to navigate prison life and survive by carving out a niche for himself and rising through the ranks of inmate society. Plays like a Danish remake of A PROPHET, but is actually superior to Audiard's film in its eschewing of its more grandiose elements in favor of a simpler, more streamlined narrative.

Piotr R (es) wrote: O kurde, co za film!4.5

Pedro J (fr) wrote: Robert Duvall is just bigger than life. More drama, you die.

Brandon W (it) wrote: Have you ever been in a situation where you are the only one that hasn't seen a particular movie, but then your manhood (or womanhood) becomes questioned because you hadn't seen one such movie? Well, I rean into that situation with Nacho Libre. The group I was with (which shall remain annonymus) told me that Nacho Libre is their family's favourite movie. I saw it that day at a Flea Market for one dollar, picked it up and gave it a shot. I have never had a movie so hyped up for it to fall flat on it's face. Harder than Jack Black getting pile-drived to the floor. This movie is so bizarre, stupid and racist. Okay sure, some racial/stereotypical humour is funny... but not for one hour and forty minutes straight. Yes I get it, Jack Black has this stupid Mexican accent. Don't forget all his Mexican friends who all appear to be stupid, unintelligent, dirty and disgusting. Some scenes were so absurd that they actually did get a laugh out of me, but the rest were too stupid to even comprehend. As I am writing this, I realize that there is a very good chance the people who recommended this movie to me will see this review and banish me from ever re-visting their household. Just imagine this movie taking the very quiet, awkward silence humour of Napolean Dynamite, take out all the witty satircal jokes and replace them with some very medicore slapstick wresting scenes and racially insensitive Mexican jokes. Like I said, I will laugh at a "Mexican jumping the fence" joke as much as I will laugh at a "Canadian bacon with maple syrup up and aboot the igloo eh?" joke, but you have to admit, they get old really fast.

Curt L (fr) wrote: awesome, as much physics/tech/history/rivalry as you can cram into 100 minutes

Daniel S (au) wrote: Cliche albeit true Australian story of the 2002 Melbourne Cup. Essentially a by the numbers retelling of events, this drama picks the right year and story of the annual event to depict on film, yet it lacks the ability to become more than a history lesson.

Brett B (it) wrote: Drones, video game violence on youth, aerial attacks on NY... Odd for a '92 flick.

Matthew B (it) wrote: "How tragic that man can never realize how beautiful life is until he is face to face with death."So after I watched the masterpiece "Seven Samurai" back in April, I couldn't wait to watch another Kurosawa movie. "Ikiru" was one of his movies that I wanted to watch next after hearing so much recommendation for it from The Criterion Collection selection. And the fact that this has been on my watch-list for quite awhile. Actually, it's been on there for over three years now and I finally got myself to watching it.And what can I honestly say about this one.This movie broke me, but surprisingly in the best ways.Ikiru is a miserable and yet powerful film that has a hard hitting message. And to think that this movie was made in the 50's can have a deep impact on you and make you think twice about your life.I have this feeling inside of me that Kurosawa is slowly becoming my favorite director. The camera work, the transmissions and the finest of acting are only naming a few things that's great about this movie. Never as a film that captured depression and people who are diagnose with cancer so damn accurate. Or how relatable it is even today. He really dose live up to be the most influential directors of all time, as he's film making style is seriously impressive beyond any words. As for right now, I only seen two of his films and I'm already in love. Akira Kurosawa is cinema. No question about it.Takashi Shimura delivers such a raw and haunting performance that you just want to reach out and give the guy a hug. It's one of the finest piece of acting I've ever seen. I don't think any other performance broke me down like this guy did. I mean, a scene that involves a man simultaneously reminisces over a favorite song of his, whilst contemplating imminent death in a drunken state of melancholy. The sadness and regret was captured so perfectly just by his face and eyes that tells so much without him saying anything. Even as I'm writing this right now, I see have the image of Shimura sad face is implanted in my head. And to think that about two years later this guy will be in "Seven Samurai", which I didn't know while watching this. That's how good he is.This is one of the most honest look at life anyone has ever portrayed on the screen and it will be long before anyone can do the same. What makes this Akira Kurosawa greatest achievement is by displaying the most poignant images in cinema. Watanabe (Takashi Shimura) swinging slowly in the children's playground, singing to himself, "Life is so Brief/short" while snow softly falling. And here's something interesting I found out before I started writing this. Akira Kurosawa instruct Shimura to sing "Song of the Gondola," as if you are a stranger in a world where nobody believes you exist.Kurosawa is just a genius and he never stops to make us be so awed at his work.Overall rating: Ikiru is a movie that I think everyone needs to see. To anyone who lived through cancer or got cancer, I know this movie will touch you very deeply. It's depressing and inspirational at the time.

Jake R (au) wrote: Franju employs painfully effective imagery in this one. Filming during the frigid, winter months is the smartest thing he could have done--so that every decapitated animal, every lamb with its gut split open sends this ominous jet of hot steam into the cold air. It's a difficult film to watch, but it's also difficult not to appreciate the footprint it leaves in you.

Private U (ag) wrote: Srenade Trois d'Ersnt Lubitch est une pure merveille, comme l'ensemble de ces films d'ailleurs. La finesse des dialogues le jeu et la lgret de Lubitch. Franois Truffaut ne commenait jamais un tournage sans l'avoir visionn au moins trois fois. (On comprend mieux pour Jules et Jim)

Guilherme N (jp) wrote: Delicate, for those who like softness